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people relaxing on a city park Bench

Visiting green spaces can reduce the need for prescription medication

City dwellers who frequent green spaces use fewer drugs for depression, anxiety, insomnia, high blood pressure, and asthma.
girl at night suffering depression

Blue Monday: ADHD can be predictive of poor mental health outcomes in adults

Adults with high levels of ADHD are more likely to experience poor mental health than adults with high levels of autistic traits.

Perceptions of the ‘Short Guide to Personal Recovery in Mental Health’

Jackie Mellese, Communication Manager at Mental Health Europe, with Mental Health Ireland (MHI), explain how the ‘Short Guide to Personal Recovery in Mental Health’ is perceived.
Woman at work sitting at laptop looking stressed/anxious/depressed as she puts a hand to her face in despair

Mental health at work during the most stressful months of the year

What does mental health at work look like as we enter some of the most stressful months of the year for small businesses?
two cats sat in the sun

Cats have been found to encourage stress relief in people with anxiety

Research has drawn attention to the benefits of spending time with cats, as a means of stress relief, for people suffering from anxiety disorders.
worker burnout concept in an office

What is “quiet quitting” and how is burnout affecting the UK?

Work-based stress and burnout have led to a rise in quiet quitting - a notion where people limit their work to strictly working hours.

Stress accelerates aging of the immune system

Stress such as trauma, job strain, everyday worries and even discrimination contributes to the aging of the immune system.
sleep loss

Does acute sleep loss affect our social impressions?

Study suggests sleep loss may be having a noticeable impact on how we view and interact with others on a personal level.
student loan repayment, mental health

Does student loan repayment have negative health consequences?

Student loan repayment can heighten cardiovascular illness risk for middle-aged adults in the US, as mental health worsens with greater debt.
women with promotions, workplace

Women with promotions feel more overwhelmed and stressed at work

Women with promotions are more frustrated at work – as promotions are at a greater emotional benefit for men than women.
Preventing burnout

Preventing burnout: Supporting mental health in the workplace

Nicola Hemmings, Workplace Scientist at Koa Health, and Dr Claire Vowell, Counselling Psychologist, discuss the growing problem of burnout
crohn’s disease flare-ups

Stress linked to Crohns’s disease flare-ups

Through a McMaster University led study, new evidence showing a correlation between psychological stress and Crohn’s disease flare-ups has been identified.
women's reproductive health, menstruation

Has COVID-19 changed women’s reproductive health?

According to researchers, the psychological burden of COVID impacted 56% of participants – with significant changes to women’s reproductive health.
anxiety and depression

Psychologists report increase in demand for anxiety and depression treatment

Psychologists have reported an increase in the demand for treatment of anxiety and depression since the start of the pandemic.
Hybrid Burnout

Supporting employees returning to the hybrid workplace

Brendan Street, Head of Charity, Nuffield Health, ponders the latest workplace epidemic Hybrid Burnout and how to help staff manage the psychological stress of balancing home and office working.
lower your blood pressure

Natural ways to lower your blood pressure

Dr Deborah Lee, Dr Fox Online Pharmacy, tells us about all the way you can naturally lower your blood pressure without medical intervention.
dementia care, family caregiving

Family caregiver training in dementia care

Here, the Department of Medicine & Therapeutics discuss family caregiver training in dementia care.
stress hormone women, tend-and-befriend

Stress hormone decreases when women speak to female friends

Scientists found that the stress hormone in women decreases when they speak to their female friends - supporting the 'tend-and-befriend' hypothesis.
feline research, protein

How could funding for feline research help people with neurodegenerative diseases?

Here, Ingrid R. Niesman, M.S., Ph.D. explains her research into a potential untapped model system, highlighting unmistakable similarities between human neurogenerative diseases and feline cognitive dysfunction syndrome.

The role of the mind in dis-ease

We hear from emotional trauma expert and renowned healer, Antonia Harman about the role of the mind in dis-ease.

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