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In times of uncertainty, robust data processes must be agile

There is an ever-growing need for robust data processes. Organisations must cope with changing security threats, data quality fluctuations and uncertainty in the operational environment.
Smart city and abstract polygon pattern connection with speed line light

Using big data to predict demand for local services

The public sector is lagging behind in adopting big data science to predict demand for local services, here's why it can help.

PatSnap launches Eureka, an AI-driven innovation intelligence solution

The AI-driven innovation Eureka translates the legal language of intellectual property into the technical language of research and development to promote effective collaboration and accelerate innovation TORONTO and LONDON — NOVEMBER 22, 2022 PatSnap, a global leader in innovation intelligence, launched Eureka today, an artificial intelligence (AI) powered solution that makes...
ai to reduce carbon emissions

£1.5 million towards promoting AI for reducing carbon emissions

The UK Government has launched a new programme to support the use of AI for reducing carbon emissions.
UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak making speech at podium in London

Will Rishi Sunak reassess UK cybersecurity policies?

UK cybersecurity policies are outdated, says Illumio Director; will Rishi Sunak address the problem?
artist impression of AI tech

The hype around artificial intelligence

Gabriella Kereszturi, Senior Lecturer in Marketing at The University of Law Business School, walks us through the hype around artificial intelligence.
Rear view of software developers is sitting serious analyzing data on the computer screen

The future of open source in 2023

Ann Schlemmer, CEO of Percona, discusses the future of open source in 2023, including why platforms will matter more.
Blue Energy Electricity Plasma Power

High-power electrostatic actuators: the future of artificial muscles

Using ferroelectric materials, researchers have been able to create a high-power electrostatic actuator that can generate a strong force at a low driving voltage creating new opportunities for artificial muscles.
digital image of person using computer - concept of innovation in the nhs

What is the key to successful innovation in the NHS?

PinPoint Data Science Executive Chair, Dr Nigel Sansom, reflects on his experience of developing innovation in the NHS.
Woman In Gloves With Laptop And Bill Trying To Keep Warm By Radiator During Cost Of Living Energy Crisis

Government needs digital transformation to respond to the cost of living crisis

As the UK faces a crippling cost of living crisis, adopting digital transformation in the government could empower active problem-solving.
Pregnant woman posing with her bump in lush green forest

SaliStick: World’s first saliva-based pregnancy test

The world’s first saliva-based pregnancy test is a non-invasive, easy and hygienic way to detect hormones, viruses and even diseases.
Honeywell company logo on headquarters building on May 22, 2017 in Prague, Czech republic

Honeywell recognizes high performing Channel Partners at 2022 Honeywell EMEA conference

Honeywell Process Solutions unveiled its Channel Partner award winners at the 2022 Honeywell EMEA conference; here's who won.
Airplane on final approch to the runway / airport

Air Traffic Management: Resilience & collaboration

Vanessa Rullier-Francaud, Senior Manager ATM & New Technologies at Aerospace, Security and Defence Industries Association of Europe (ASD), turns the spotlight on Air Traffic Management, where resilience and better collaboration mean we can go back to better.
Double exposure engineering using tablet computer and digital technology web design and programming interface icons with with construction cranes no city background

Public sector digital transformation: opportunities and challenges

Public sector digital transformation presents a multitude of opportunities, but with that technological expansion come challenges; let's explore a few.
Blue plaque remembering Ada Lovelace on wall in London

Why is Ada Lovelace Day so important?

Open Access Government interviews Lin Sun on the significance of Ada Lovelace Day and what it means for women around the globe.
How LG Electronics Plans to Accelerate Innovation with AI-Powered Simulation

How LG Electronics plans to Accelerate Innovation with AI-Powered Simulation

AI is changing how the world operates, and LG Electronics plans to be part of this disruption.
Wind turbines lined up against a cloudy sky

European bio-based industries leading the green transition

Nicoló Giacomuzzi-Moore, Executive Director ad interim at CBE JU – Circular Bio‐based Europe Joint Undertaking, explains how European bio-based industries are leading the green transition.
Smokestack pipe factory pollution in the city, Fuel Power Plant Smokestacks Emit Carbon Dioxide Pollution.

Help businesses set carbon reduction targets

Aditya Kumar, Director of Product Management at Honeywell Building Technologies, details how companies can meet the Government’s net-zero goals using carbon reduction and management software.

AI in healthcare can help save time & brain

Mark Hitchman, Managing Director of Canon Medical Systems UK, explains why AI in healthcare can deliver time efficiencies & better standards of care for patients.
Hacker working on computer cyber crime

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Are you prepared?

Martin Roots, Managing Director at the Expede Group, discusses cybersecurity awareness, walking us through different cyber attacks and how to prevent them efficiently.

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