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european commission microchip production. european chips act

European Commission to “radically raise” microchip production

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said that Europe would "radically raise" microchip production - predicting that demand will "double in the next decade".
vaccine passports, digital vaccine certificates

Vaccine passports: Reimagining their cybersecurity

Jonathan Jackson, BlackBerry, looks at how vaccine passports and digital vaccine certificates could work - while facing off with cyber-criminals across the world.
social care crisis, NHS

Social care is in crisis, but technology is here to help

Paul Berney, CMO at Anthropos, explores how technology could help relieve the burden on the UK’s stretched social care staff.
artificial moon

New ‘artificial moon’ built to aid China’s space exploration

Chinese scientists have manufactured an ‘artificial moon’ research facility enabling them replicate low gravity environments
Asia analysis january

Asia Analysis January 2022

We welcome 2022 with our January volume of Asia Analysis, which features an array of compelling articles - We hear from Sarah Moran, Vice President, International from USA Rice, who walks us through what we need to know about rice, the little world traveller.
digitally altered bodies

MP proposes labelling for digitally altered bodies in advertising

A new bill pushes for regulation of digitally altered bodies in advertising - going up against constantly evolving online platforms, eating disorders and negative body image.
online safety bill report, women online abuse

Online Safety Bill report finds 62% of women face online abuse

According to evidence in the Online Safety Bill report, 62% of women aged between 18-34 experience online abuse and harassment - with 50% of 11-16 year old girls also facing these issues online.
microchip production lithuania, china microchip

Taiwan announces $200 million for microchip production in Lithuania

Taiwan announced a $200 million investment for microchip production in Lithuania, with a further $1 billion credit programme for innovation.
rechargeable lithium batteries, battery capacity

Scientists can restore lifespan of a dead lithium battery

Researchers have found a way to revitalise rechargeable lithium batteries, potentially improving the capacity of next generation batteries.
trust in ai

Data reveals people do not trust AI weapons

As AI becomes more integrated into twenty-first century society, researchers have investigated to what extent the general public trust it.
animal movement, enerscape

Researchers use technology to calculate movement of large land animals

Tracking the movements of large wild animals, researchers developed the software ‘enerscape’, protecting species and helping humans avoid animal contact.
fantasy football players, mental health

Consistent fantasy football players at risk of poor mental health

According to a new study, a quarter of Fantasy Football players have admitted that the game negatively impacts their mental health.
internet governance online

UN says measures to improve cyberspace safety needed now

With 782 million people joining the internet since 2019, what is being done to protect people when they are online?
disruption education, digital technology

True disruption in education: An opportune moment for lasting change?

Christel Wolthoorn, Managing Director of LovedBy Design, examines how the education sector dealt with COVID disruption and the work that remains.
plastic types, camera technology

Scientists create “breakthrough” technology to separate plastic types

Differentiating between numerous plastic types and separating them according to their chemical composition could increase the rate of plastic recycling enormously.
large-scale acoustic data, mosquitos

Tracking mosquito species with large-scale acoustic data

To tackle diseases like malaria, yellow fever and dengue, researchers have been studying the distribution, diversity, and abundance of mosquitos.

The journey to making AI-generated voices more expressive

Ai-generated voices have become an integral part of society and research into making these voices more personal and expressive is moving fast.
Zest Consult

Zest Consult – Digital Transformation that unlocks your organisation’s potential

Working collaboratively with our clients on digital consultancy, engineering, and delivery through their digital transformation journey.
male-dominated fields, long-term recruitment

Gender equality in male-dominated fields takes continuous effort

A study analysing long-term recruitment measures for gender equality has found that they work, but require a sustained commitment for success.
european research projects, powerskin

Driving innovations through European research projects PLURAL, POWERSKIN+ and SWITCH2SAVE

Ing. Zuzana Taťáková M.Sc., Project Manager at FENIX TNT s.r.o., tells us about three European research projects, PLURAL, POWERSKIN+ and SWITCH2SAVE.

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