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radiotherapy cancer patient with a nurse

Precision radiotherapy: Our most effective cancer treatment

David Bloomfield, Consultant in Clinical Oncology Sussex Cancer Centre, argues that precision radiotherapy is our most effective cancer treatment and should be available to everyone with cancer, but workforce planning is failing our patients.
woman injecting tuberculosis drug

Tuberculosis drug regimens and their efficacies

Andrew Nunn, Professor of Epidemiology in the Medical Research Council Clinical Trials Unit at UCL, analyses different tuberculosis drug development regimens.
scuba3, hair loss

SCUBE3 as a treatment for hair loss and alopecia

SCUBE3, a signalling molecule, could be used as a therapeutic treatment against hair loss and androgenetic alopecia for women and men.
Department of Radiation Physics - MD Anderson Cancer Center

IROC: Global leaders in Imaging and Radiation Oncology

IROC are Global leaders in Imaging and Radiation Oncology Clinical Trial Quality Assurance, funded by the NCI.
endometriosis treatment

Could nanotechnology be the future of endometriosis treatment?

Magnetic nanotechnology is showing promise in locating and removing painful lesions, becoming a potential endometriosis treatment.
COVID treatment

Could nanoparticle deception be a future COVID treatment?

Potential new COVID-19 treatment may see decoy nanoparticles trick the life-threatening virus and render them inactive

Over 50% of global population suffer from headache disorders

Study says 52% of the global population are affected by a headache disorder every year, with around 14% reporting migraines.
ultrasound bursts, kidney stones

Ultrasound bursts provide non-invasive treatment for kidney stones

As the first alternative for non-invasive treatment of kidney stones, ultrasound bursts can actually break up kidney stones – making it easier for them to pass on their own.
mental health, unemployed depression

Unemployed people have 28% worse depression symptoms

People who are unemployed, or do not have secure housing, have worse depression symptoms compared to their more socially advantaged peers.
trochlear dysplasia

Trochlear dysplasia: A common & confusing knee condition

Trochlear dysplasia is a common abnormality of the knee, a strict definition upon objective criteria and biomechanical studies is missing
tb prevention Africa

Tuberculosis prevention efforts in Africa

Dr Michel Gasana & Dr Hugues Lago from WHO - Regional Office for Africa, spoke to OAG about the status of tuberculosis prevention
next-generation sequencing

How can next-generation sequencing create treatments for diseases?

In this ebook, we interview Dr Richie Kohman, Synthetic Biology Platform Lead at the Wyss Institute at Harvard, about his work with next-generation sequencing (NGS).
HIV medication women

How can preferred HIV medication disproportionately impact women?

A new study on HIV medication treatment discovered persistent disparities between sex and age, potentially subjecting women to worse HIV treatment outcomes on the drug dolutegravir.
access to prep, HIV epidemic

US study finds social bias can influence access to PrEP

A new study, published in AIDS and Behavior, finds that healthcare providers still have some social bias about who should be given PrEP - the HIV prevention drug.
pancreatic cancer early detection

Early detection of pancreatic cancer – The EUROPAC Research Trial

Dr Deborah Lee, Dr Fox Online Pharmacy, tells us all about the European pancreatic cancer early detection trial (EUROPAC).
Dandy-Walker Syndrome

What is Dandy-Walker Syndrome? – Everything you need to know

Dandy-Walker Syndrome. What is it? What are the symptoms? What are the causes? What is the prognosis? Is it treatable?
community testing

Increasing community testing to clear the NHS backlog

Doris-Ann Williams MBE, CEO, BIVDA, calls for increased community testing as a way to clear the NHS backlog and deal with the increasing number of people who are living with undiagnosed diseases in the UK.
anxiety and depression

Psychologists report increase in demand for anxiety and depression treatment

Psychologists have reported an increase in the demand for treatment of anxiety and depression since the start of the pandemic.
heart cells

Scientists discover how heart cells regulate circadian rhythms through daily changes

A new study, demonstrating how circadian rhythms in heart cells alter daily heart function, may explain why shift workers are vulnerable to heart complications.
GP league tables, NHS fund

UK creates GP league tables to decide allocation of NHS funds

The UK Government is creating GP league tables which will measure "appropriate levels" of face-to-face appointments - those failing to hit quotas will not receive NHS funding.

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