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heart transplant

Adaptation after heart transplantation: A framework for the future

Anna Forsberg, Professor of Transplant Nursing at Lund University and Chair of the ETAHP Committee at the ESOT, explores a key area of development in heart transplant nursing as part of the build-up to ESOT Congress 2021.
ovarian cancer cells

Ovarian cancer cells adjust to their environment to boost tumour growth

A new study revealing how ovarian cancer cells adapt to their environment to aid tumour growth brings researchers closer to developing targeted treatments.
UK Rare Diseases Framework

New framework to improve diagnosis and treatment of rare diseases

The new UK Rare Diseases Framework sets out to accelerate diagnosis and improve the treatment of rare diseases.
breast cancer chemotherapy, cholesterol

Ordinary drug could prevent heart damage from breast cancer chemotherapy

Damaged heart muscle is a tragic possibility for patients of breast cancer chemotherapy - but thanks to Dr Husam Abdel-Qadir, there may now be a way to stop it.
bipolar disorder patients, LEF1

Why doesn’t lithium work for 70% of bipolar disorder patients?

Salk Institute scientists believe they have solved this mystery for bipolar disorder patients - the answer involves a specific gene, and proposes changes to the future of treatment.
patient care, NHS

Helping NHS Trusts increase efficiency and improve patient care

Rob Hurrell, Business Development Director at Aire Logic, explores how technology supports the vision of a Paperless NHS and improves patient care.
immunotherapy science

The beginning of the end for Type 1 diabetes: A new view from immunotherapy...

Jean Van Rampelbergh PhD, VP Clinical & Regulatory at Imcyse SA, introduces ImotopesTM a cutting-edge immunotherapy science with an excellent safety profile that could cure Type 1 diabetes or drastically change treatment options.
HIV care, mHealth

Improving self-management in HIV care with mHealth

Here, Professor Bertrand Lebouché introduces ‘warm’ mobile health technology to enable better self-management in HIV care.
mamallian dive response, death

The Elephant in the Water: The mammalian dive response and sudden death

Frank F Vincenzi, Professor Emeritus, University of Washington, tells us about the mammalian dive response (MDR), drawing on the case of the woman who developed a fatal heart rhythm while SCUBA diving.
biomimetic apatites, compounds

The advent of biomimetic apatites in today’s and tomorrow’s medicine

In this interview, Prof Christophe Drouet (CNRS Senior Scientist) – an international specialist in bio-inspired apatites – relates the multifunctional potential of these intrinsically biocompatible compounds for a wealth of uses from bone tissue repair, to cell-scale medicine.
head and neck cancer

Head and neck cancer treatment

Michelle Vickers, CEO of the Head and Neck Cancer Foundation tells us what we need to know about head and neck cancer treatment, including comment on driving surgical-technological development.
HIV risks for women, drought

How is climate change increasing HIV risks for women?

When it comes to HIV risks for women, researchers found that natural disasters force vulnerable women to take any chance to secure resources - whether through transactional sex or engagement in early marriage.
moderna vaccine, phase three

The Moderna vaccine has a final efficiency of 94.1%

The clinical trials are over for the Moderna vaccine - the company announced their drug was 94.1% effective and then filed for Emergency Use.
heart attack risk, diabetes

Research finds that women experience increased heart attack risk

According to the American Heart Association, women face a stronger heart attack risk than men - they are 20% more likely to develop heart failure, and to die.
cheaper medicine, companies

Commission fines €60.5 million to pharma companies stopping cheaper medicine

Teva and Cephalon faced the €60.5 million antitrust fine, after both companies were found to be actively suppressing the existence of cheaper medicine.
HIV testing in europe, ECDC

Medical authorities call for better HIV testing in Europe

The European Centre for Disease Control (ECDC) and the World Health Organisation (WHO) found that HIV testing in Europe is not good enough - 53% of diagnosis happens when the immune system is already failing.
managing chronic pain, anaesthetia

More evidence on how to manage chronic pain can bring relief

Dr Ganesan Baranidharan, consultant in anaesthesia and pain medicine at the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, explains the power of neuromodulation for managing chronic pain and explains why comprehensive evidence is needed.
aymptomatic older patients, delirium

Delirium could be a sign of COVID-19 in asymptomatic older patients

Asymptomatic older patients of COVID-19 are one of the most difficult to identify - now, researchers find that delirium could be an indicator of the virus
pancreatic cancer

Tackling the burden of pancreatic cancer in Europe

Leading pancreatic cancer experts Professor Matthias Löhr and Professor Monique van Leerdam of United European Gastroenterology’s (UEG) Public Affairs Committee discuss the importance of early diagnosis and the latest developments in treatment for pancreatic cancer.
moderna vaccine, covid-19

Moderna vaccine: New frontrunner is 95% effective against COVID-19

Eight days after the Pfizer vaccine results (90% effective) brought collective hope to the world, the Moderna vaccine has proven to be 95% effective at fighting COVID-19.

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