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social care crisis, NHS

Social care is in crisis, but technology is here to help

Paul Berney, CMO at Anthropos, explores how technology could help relieve the burden on the UK’s stretched social care staff.
co2 ventilation, covid-19 schools

CO2 ventilation monitors to control COVID-19 in schools

In a new UK Government initiative to reduce the spread of COVID, schools across the UK have received CO2 monitors for better ventilation.

Nearly one third of UK households will struggle with energy bills

With fuel prices in the UK set to rise on April 1, 2022, new economic projections find that nearly one third of households will struggle pay energy bills.
NHSE sanctions, mermaids

NHSE sanctions limit basic healthcare for young trans people

Lui Asquith, Director of Legal and Policy at Mermaids, dissects new NHSE sanctions placed on young trans people looking for basic healthcare.
digitally altered bodies

MP proposes labelling for digitally altered bodies in advertising

A new bill pushes for regulation of digitally altered bodies in advertising - going up against constantly evolving online platforms, eating disorders and negative body image.
same-sex convictions

UK to wipe historical convictions for same-sex sexual activity

The UK government will continue more pardons for people with historical criminal convictions of same-sex consensual sexual activity.
online safety bill report, women online abuse

Online Safety Bill report finds 62% of women face online abuse

According to evidence in the Online Safety Bill report, 62% of women aged between 18-34 experience online abuse and harassment - with 50% of 11-16 year old girls also facing these issues online.
government's campaign, diets of children

UK Government launch child health campaign with NHS Food Scanner App

The UK Government launched a New Better Health campaign for children, with an NHS Food Scanner App for parents to use.
grenfell unsafe cladding, grenfell developers

UK changes post-Grenfell plan for unsafe cladding

After the Grenfell tower tragedy in 2017, the UK failed to remove unsafe cladding across the country - now, the Government has a new proposal for developers.
levelling-up education, edtech

‘Levelling-up’: The emerging role of education technology

Al Kingsley, CEO at NetSupport, discusses the potential role of education technology in "levelling up" - especially for vulnerable communities.
NHS backlog, social care

NHS backlog to be resolved by 2025 in “most optimistic scenario”

A Health Committee report finds that in the "most optimistic scenario" of increased treatment over the next three years, the NHS backlog could come down to pre-pandemic levels in 2025.
gender health gap

UK appoints Women’s Health Ambassador to tackle gender health gap

The government are appointing a Women’s Health Ambassador to demonstrate stronger support for women’s health, as well as focusing on ending violence against women.
built environment, net zero goals

UK pushes for lower carbon emissions in the built environment

New homes and buildings are to produce much less carbon emissions in order to help the UK move towards its net zero goals.
protection against omicron, imperial covid

Study says prior infection gives 19% protection against Omicron

COVID infection previously created 85% protection against Delta - now, scientists say that this protection falls to 19% against Omicron.
side effects moderna booster, omicron moderna

What are the side effects of the Moderna booster vaccine?

Here, we explain side effects of the Moderna booster vaccine - while taking a look at the Omicron variant.
vaccinating rough sleepers

Vaccinating rough sleepers with £28 million government funding

The government is aiming to vaccinate those who are homeless and sleeping rough with the Protect and Vaccinate scheme, relocating people on the street to safe accommodation over winter.
political text, democracies

Research on democracies needs an infrastructure for political texts

Hajo Boomgaarden and Fabienne Lind, from the University of Vienna, discuss why an infrastructure for political text analysis is crucial to improve research on democracies.
traffic system carbon

Delivering sustainable traffic management & control solutions

Gavin Trimnell, Sales Director, explains how Yunex Traffic’s systems help authorities to drive down carbon emissions and costs.

ICSs can only be as healthy as the people who run them

Integrated Care Systems have a unique chance to transform public sector health and care delivery. Data-led insights around staff resource and wellbeing will be critical to their success, says Suzanne Marshall, Clinical Governance Officer at GoodShape.

The pandemic has put community resilience at a crossroads

Chris Clarke, Policy Researcher at HOPE not hate, explains how COVID impacts community resilience - especially when it comes to far right politics.

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