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A front view shot of a common toad crawling across a lily pad on a pond.

The amphibian chytrid fungus causing the amphibian pandemic

Researchers have developed and validated a ground-breaking test for the amphibian chytrid fungus responsible for the dramatic decline of amphibians.
A Humpback Whale and her calf swimming below oceans surface

UK government extends Ivory Act to five more at-risk species

The Ivory Act is set to provide greater legal protections to hippopotamus and other species which are at risk, the UK government has announced.

We can’t protect our climate without ocean action

Steve Trent, CEO and Co-Founder of the Environmental Justice Foundation, argues that we can’t protect our climate without ocean action.
Volunteer firefighter trying to put out fire on heathland, surrounded by plumes of smoke

Unprecedented wildfire risks due to hot weather

Hot weather, dry conditions and record temperatures in the UK mean an increased risk of extreme wildfires, say experts.
pond, definition

How can we define a pond?

We can all identify a pond as a small, shallow waterbody - but how can we distinguish it from a lake or a wetland?
bee bus stops, living roofs

‘Bee bus stops’ with living roofs can improve city wildlife

Bee bus stops are to become a new feature around UK cities, as they support wildlife and bees in city areas with their living roofs.
new mammal,

Hundreds of new mammal species are hiding in plain sight

Researchers believe there are hundreds of unidentified species of new mammals that have yet to be found.
twisted claw millipede, ecosystem

Scientist names twisted-claw millipede after Taylor Swift

A scientist at Virginia Tech in the US, Derek Hennen, has named a twisted-claw millipede after Taylor Swift.
pandemic measures, wildlife

Just 5% of COVID expenditure could prevent the next pandemic

Reducing the risk of future pandemics takes investment, biodiversity action, and fostering better human-wildlife relationships to prevent the spread of zoonotic viruses.
elephant conservation china

Bridging the gap between public understanding and realities of living alongside elephants

Dr Becky Shu-Chen, Conservationist and Project Coordinator for China at the Zoological Society of London, explores the possibilities of positive human-wildlife coexistence, and how technology can be used to protect elephants.

How do the sun and moon affect the behaviour of wildlife?

A study has shown that the gravitational action of the sun and the moon influences the behaviour of animals and plants, analysing seed germination in cycles regulated by tides.
bird species

How has climate change effected birds’ bodies?

New research finds that climate change affecting the Amazon rainforest has also developed issues with its bird species, adjusting the body and wing length of resident birds.
Human-elephant coexistence

Human-elephant coexistence: Governance, management & the human dimension

Susan Canney, Director of the Mali Elephant Project, WILD Foundation & International Conservation Fund Canada, discusses governance, management and the human dimension of the human-elephant coexistence.
Insect populations

Insect populations halved by LED streetlights

A new study has shown that LED streetlights reduce insect populations by half, making them more harmful than the traditional sodium bulbs.

Human-elephant coexistence: Understanding the conservation landscape

Susan Canney, Director of the Mali Elephant Project, WILD Foundation & International Conservation Fund Canada, explores human-elephant coexistence and the complex social-ecological system of conservation.
safeguarding galapagos

Safeguarding Galapagos for the future

Why conserve Galapagos? Clare Simm from the Galapagos Conservation Trust answers this vital question, discussing the immense vulnerability of the islands and the work being done to protect them.
humans and elephants

In a changing world, how can humans and elephants live together?

Rob Brandford, Executive Director of the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, discusses the challenge of human-elephant conflict and maps out the complex path to coexistence.
the Galapagos Islands

Science & conservation in the Galapagos Islands

Stephen J. Walsh & Carlos F. Mena explain the importance of protecting the Galapagos Islands through interdisciplinary science & sustainable conservation.
local nature

Protecting and experiencing local nature in a pandemic

Studies from Denmark’s Ministry of the Environment show a dramatic increase in the number of people turning to nature amidst the COVID-19 crisis.
earth’s biodiversity

Saving Earth’s biodiversity through a story revolution

The WILD Foundation’s President, Vance Martin and Vice President of Policy and Communications, Amy Lewis, highlight the important and often forgotten role of storytelling and community organising to encourage conservation.

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