Self-regulated learning from kindergarten to higher education

Experts from the University of Zurich Institute of Education discuss the impact of self-regulated learning on students from kindergarten to higher education

Constant improvement of knowledge competences through education has become unavoidable. In both higher education and work in demanding environment’s there are situations where individuals must learn and work independently and have to handle complex demands. Self-regulated learning (SRL) has become an important topic within education and is now seen as a necessary requirement for successful lifelong learning in the 21st Century.

The ability to successfully self-regulate their own thoughts and motivations helps students to prepare and deal well with challenges and demands that might arise. In this ebook, experts at the Institute of Education, University of Zurich outline how SRL can help students to approach tasks, solve problems and adapt to changing contexts.

Several different theoretical perspectives have been put forward for SRL, all of which share the view of SRL as an active and individual process that varies between tasks and learning environments. Overall, SRL is viewed as an important competence that is highly relevant for individual performance in different domains.

The ebook highlights results of studies undertaken by the Institute in order to analyse how SRL impacts student’s right through from kindergarten to higher education. Their studies contribute significantly to the field of self-regulated learning by focusing on different groups, domains and aspects of the topic. Within their studies the group looks at self-regulated learning in kindergarten and the development of self-regulation in early childhood, as well as SRL in grammar schools and at university and the factors that make a good student.

As self-regulation has become such a key topic within education, this ebook is a must-read for anyone wishing to understand more about the topic.


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