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Open Access Government’s Energy category can offer a wide range of articles exploring research and issues from around the world. 

You can find articles on the research of clean, sustainable living along with energy efficient households and businesses. We have also included topics such as energy innovations in Asia and advancements in new energy technology.

Renewable energy investments along with ocean and hydrogen research are popular topics covered in the category that are regularly updated.

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geothermal energy pipeline

The potential of geothermal energy as a low-carbon source

Alex Hunter, CEO at Sherwood Power, argues that geothermal energy offers significant potential as a source of low-carbon energy, but there are challenges which must be addressed if the UK is to benefit.
hospital in London, UK

Avoiding the heat decarbonisation performance gap

Chris Davis, VP Marketing at Hysopt, explains how NHS Trusts and other public sector organisations can avoid additional risks and costs of heat decarbonisation across their estates.
hospital estate

Decarbonising the NHS hospital estate – Towards net zero

Richard Spencer, Construction and Operation & Maintenance Director at E.ON, details decarbonising your hospital estate in the road towards net zero.
uk town from an arial view

Green technology: A world of opportunity

Providing renewable technology solutions to help companies meet the 2050 net-zero deadline.
ActionZero EscoPod

Routes to decarbonisation: ActionZero’s patented heat pump technology

CEO Denis Collins, a former global executive with IBM and previous Chair IDA Ireland Regional Development & Board Director, talks to OAG about ActionZero and their patented heat pump technology – the EscoPod.

The role of hydrogen in decarbonising the rail industry

Challenges to decarbonise the rail industry can be tackled by innovation, switching to hydrogen trains and other, greener transport.

From geothermal pioneering to energy independency

Iceland’s geothermal pioneering, argues Carine Chatenay, the Marketing Manager for Verkís, has paved the way for energy independence.
healthcare technology

Could heat research pave the way for net zero in the healthcare sector?

Pete Mills, Commercial Technical Operations Manager for Bosch Commercial & Industrial, outlines some of the latest heating technology that could pave the way for net zero in the healthcare sector.
Car made of green leaves

The real potential of hydrogen fuel cells: Bramble Energy’s PCBFC™ Solution

Swiss inventor Francois Isaac de Rivaz created the world’s first internal combustion engine vehicle powered by hydrogen in 1807. Yet, hydrogen fuel cells have not become part of the mainstream fuel mix in mobility circles.
Thermostatic Head Valve for Radiator Heater Coin Money notepad for entries Heating Project Boiler

What’s turning the wheel of decarbonisation in the public sector?

Chris Caton, Product Director – Commercial, at Ideal Heating, explains how decarbonisation in the public sector is only at the beginning of its journey. Caton outlines how changing regulations are guiding organisations on their way.
Russian oil production for energy. Rigs on the oilfield

Net zero targets lie within the UK’s relationship with energy

Chris Darby, CTO and Co-Founder of, argues that once the UK adjusts its relationship with energy, then it will reach its net zero targets.
Solar Energy

Unlock sustainable heating in Europe now

Only 13% of thermal energy in Europe is produced by renewable energy sources and 40% from natural gas alone(1). Therefore, unlocking local, green produced, sustainable heating now is a must.
Thermovision image on House

Public sector decarbonisation: Navigating PSDS funding

Steve Wilkinson, Head of Commercial Projects at Cenergist, explores public sector decarbonisation, in particular, how organisations can successfully navigate PSDS Funding.

The future of hydrogen in a net zero world

Minesh Patel, the Sales Manager at 2G Energy, analyses the role of water in a net zero world, discussing hydrogen production and electrolysis.
H2 hydrogen molecule in the liquid. 3d illustration

Innovation funding granted to ensure the recovery of hydrogen from waste

UK government funding has been granted to a team at the University of Manchester in an effort to safeguard energy security through the recovery of hydrogen from waste.
Nuclear power plant with dusk landscape

Demystifying the promise of mini nuclear

Mini nuclear can be a relatively safe and fast energy alternative, but the UK government needs an efficient energy strategy to lead us to net zero when using it.
Field B - 3MW, 6,600 Panels

Castle Hill Hospital solar field: The Photo Voltaic Power Station

Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust recently opened its 5MW Photo Voltaic Power Station (solar field) at Castle Hill Hospital in Cottingham, East Yorkshire.
Methane Bubbles frozen in Abraham Lake in Clearwater County, near Nordegg, Alberta, Canada. Elliot Peak lit by the sunset in the background. Canadian Winter scene

Time is running out to meet Global Methane Pledge commitments

Despite efforts made to cut methane emissions in 2022, not enough has been done to meet Global Methane Pledge commitments, says Kayrros.
Engineer checking or inspection insulation resistance measuring for electric wire energy

How can the UK government better address its lacking energy strategy?

The UK government needs to tackle the worsening energy crisis – but its current energy strategy is lacking efficient solutions.
Smokestack pipe factory pollution in the city, Fuel Power Plant Smokestacks Emit Carbon Dioxide Pollution.

Help businesses set carbon reduction targets

Aditya Kumar, Director of Product Management at Honeywell Building Technologies, details how companies can meet the Government’s net-zero goals using carbon reduction and management software.

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