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advancing agricultural science

A blueprint for advancing agricultural science

Parag Chitnis from the United States Department of Agriculture provides a blueprint for advancing agricultural science.
Rothamsted Research - strategic agricultural science

Rothamsted Research – strategic agricultural science

Rothamsted Research is a non-profit research centre that focuses on strategic agricultural science to the benefit of farmers and society worldwide.
the bioeconomy, glycoscience

Glycoscience: One of the key enablers for the bioeconomy

Aarthi JanakiRaman, Research Director, Chemicals and Advanced Materials at TechVision, argues that glycoscience is one of the key enablers for bioeconomy.
climate action

Supporting climate action in the agricultural sector

Climate Service Center Germany (GERICS) discusses here how innovative climate service products can help inform climate adaptation and mitigation, particularly within the agricultural sector.
Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences

Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences

Elica Moss discusses her work within the fields of environmental microbiology and environmental health at the Alabama A&M University.

Agricultural short-term usage leads to peatland degradation with millennia-lasting consequences!

Bernd Lennartz, Haojie Liu and Franziska Tanneberger from the University of Rostock and the Greifswald Mire Centre report on the long-lasting effects of peatland drainage.
sustainable agricultural intensification

Push-pull tech for sustainable agricultural intensification in East Africa

The UPSCALE project aims to achieve food security in sub-Saharan Africa by using nature-based solutions inspired by push-pull technology to close the yield gap in smallholder agriculture.
Donald J. MacKenzie

Donald J. MacKenzie – Donald Danforth Plant Science Center

Dr. Donald MacKenzie is the Executive Director of the Institute for International Crop Improvement (IICI) at the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center He manages the IICI’s programs and partnerships dedicated to delivering precision genetics technologies to meet the most significant food and nutritional security challenges faced by smallholder farmers everywhere....
air pollution at night

Atmospheric science: Air pollution at night

April Hiscox, Associate Professor at The University of South Carolina Department of Geography, details what we need to know about air pollution at night in this special atmospheric science focus.
the Galapagos Islands

Science & conservation in the Galapagos Islands

Stephen J. Walsh & Carlos F. Mena explain the importance of protecting the Galapagos Islands through interdisciplinary science & sustainable conservation.
Greifswald Mire Centre

Greifswald Mire Centre – an interface between science, policy and practice

The science-policy-practice interface for all peatland related questions – locally and globally - offering science-based solutions for social challenges

How is apivectoring innovating agricultural systems?

Charlotte Coates, Peter G. Kevan & Saira Espinosa from the University of Guelph, explore how apivectoring is innovating agricultural systems with its method of precision biological control.
applied climatology, climate literacy

Applied climatology: Science in the service of society

Dr Lesley-Ann Dupigny-Giroux explains applied climatology - science in the service of society – beginning with comment on climate literacy.
land availability, Dendromass4Europe

Land availability for sustainable agricultural tree crops

Prof Dr Norbert Weber from TU Dresden argues that land availability for sustainable agricultural tree crops and a positive perception of this by the official administration both remain challenging hurdles.
Joseph Huesing

Joseph E. Huesing – Huesing Agricultural and Educational Consulting LLC

Joseph Huesing is an independent consulting entomologist, educator and Fall Armyworm IPM advisor.

Biological sciences: Determining phenotype from genotype

The NSF’s Division of Integrative Organismal Systems, within the Directorate for Biological Sciences, discusses how their work determining phenotype from genotype is fighting food insecurity.
CBD and hemp, Lifescience Legal Design

Lifescience Legal Design

Here, Lifescience Legal Design discuss the legal status of CBD and hemp in the European Union.
wild bee

94% of wild bee and plant species lost due to climate change and agricultural...

According to researchers from York University, climate change and agricultural developments are responsible for a 94% loss of wild bee and native plant species networks.
value of plant science

The value of plant science in Europe today

The European Plant Science Organisation (EPSO) reveals its thoughts on the value of plant science and the many improvements it can generate in areas such as sustainable agriculture, forestry and environmental conservation.
peptide science and technology, university of porto

Peptides: Why advancing peptide science and technology should be a priority

Paula Gomes, Associate Professor of Chemistry and Senior Researcher in Bioorganic and Peptide Chemistry at the University of Porto, Portugal, explains why peptides are amongst the most promising molecules for the future.

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