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businesswoman having video call while working from home office

How to navigate the transition to a hybrid workplace

Organisations are now more than ever focusing on transitioning to a hybrid workplace - a combination of the benefits of remote work with the advantages of a traditional office setting. We delve into the key components of a successful hybrid model and how to accelerate its implementation in your organisation.
Tired and exhausted young female entrepreneur drinking coffee and rubbing eyes while feeling stressed and worried in coworking space

Now is the time to address migraine in the workplace

Andrew Jackson, UK Country Manager at Lundbeck, discusses the impact of migraine in the workplace and the steps we can collectively take to help manage its burden on productivity.
Middle aged woman looking out of the window in the boardroom

Menopause in the workplace: Modernising employee support systems

In July 2022 the Women and Equalities Committee published a report focusing on menopause in the workplace, including recommendations to make menopause a protected characteristic under the Equality Act of 2010.
Crowd of people walking on city street to work

A current analysis of mental health in the workplace

Dr Florence Baingana, Regional Advisor, Mental, Neurological, and Substance Use Disorders, World Health Organization (WHO) African Region, provides an update on mental health in the workplace.
office spaces

The impact of COVID-19 on future workplaces

Alison White, Founder & Director of White Workplace Consultancy Limited, examines how COVID-19 has changed the way we work & what we want from future workplaces.
inclusive workplace

Promoting the creation of an inclusive workplace

Dr Christine Grant, Associate Fellow at the Coventry University Centre for Healthcare Research, introduces the ‘Remote for All’ (R4All) research study, discussing disability, neurodiversity, an inclusive workplace, and remote e-working in the UK.
meeting rooms, workplace

Workplace transformations for more engaging meeting rooms

Do we still need meeting rooms? What the 6 types of pre-pandemic office ‘meetings' can teach us about the future of the workplace
Employee engagement

The best solution to workplace performance is employee engagement

From Richard Branson to Stephen Covey it's a widely shared belief that people are a company's greatest asset - it is simply not possible to build a prosperous business without good people.

What is the role of the meeting room in the post COVID pandemic workplace

Alison White of PLACEmaking asks what impact the post-COVID pandemic workplace has had on the traditional office meeting room.
sexual harassment in the workplace

Gender segregation contributes to sexual harassment in the workplace

Individuals who form the gender minority at work are more likely to experience sexual harassment in the workplace and leave the job.
workplace discrimination, religious groups

50% of Jewish people report workplace discrimination

While Christians say their moral issues result in workplace discrimination, Muslims and Jewish people feel more targeted by Islamophobic and anti-Semitic rhetoric.
hybrid workplace

Is the post pandemic hybrid workplace supporting the ‘levelling-up’ agenda?

Alison White, co-founder workplace designers and change advisers PLACEmaking, discusses the shift in our mentality towards a work-life balance post pandemic 
workplace wellbeing

Championing mental health and workplace wellbeing

Philip Mullen, Managing Director, UK and Europe at LifeWorks, looks at what we can learn from the conversations of elite athletes and how it can be translated into workplace wellbeing.
Has COVID 19 increased our acceptance of the role of ’Artificial Intelligence’ in the office workplace?

COVID and ‘Artificial Intelligence’ in the workplace

Has COVID 19 increased our acceptance of the role of ’Artificial Intelligence’ in the office workplace? Placemaking discuss the notion...
acute care workplaces

Delivering care-centred workplaces for acute care

Specialists in acute care Draeger Medical UK Ltd prioritise patient wellbeing and efficiency in holistic approach to a well-designed healthcare workplace
Preventing burnout

Preventing burnout: Supporting mental health in the workplace

Nicola Hemmings, Workplace Scientist at Koa Health, and Dr Claire Vowell, Counselling Psychologist, discuss the growing problem of burnout

PLACEmaking deliver workplace transformation and improvement

PLACEMAKING deliver workplace transformation with a Smart Working implementation plan that can be scaled to fit headcount, resource capacity and timeline. Their tried and tested change toolbox helps achieve workplace improvement targets and supports people transition through four key stages of change.
hybrid workplace

Soft skills are more important than ever in the hybrid workplace

Nikolas Kairinos, CEO, Soffos.ai, believes that soft skills are crucial for remote and flexible roles, and offers advice on how to move up the career ladder into positions that better utilise individuals’ abilities.
long Covid in the workplace

How businesses can cope with the effects of Long Covid in the workplace

Gill Nye, Executive Head of HR at Cantium Business Solutions, explores the effect long covid will have on the workplace, with a particular focus on occupational health provision.
Hybrid Burnout

Supporting employees returning to the hybrid workplace

Brendan Street, Head of Charity, Nuffield Health, ponders the latest workplace epidemic Hybrid Burnout and how to help staff manage the psychological stress of balancing home and office working.

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