Agile Digital Services: Adapting government services for the future

The successful organisations of the future will be those that are highly responsive to change, according to the Agile Business Consortium.

Since Agile began in 2001, many organisations, including the government are adopting this as their preferred way of working. In this in-depth analysis, we learn about the undoubted success of Agile and digital services. Did you know that 94% of companies now use Agile in some form or another? Did you know that the UK also came out as the second most advanced digital nation in the world after the U.S?

The AgileDS journey

In this comprehensive analysis, the Agile Business Consortium describe their AgileDS journey and their achievements. For example, we find out that the UK government’s Digital Service Standard is focused on ensuring user needs are met. While the standard is certainly a successful one and has garnered attention from other countries, it made sense for the Agile Business Consortium to use this as a basis for their Agile Digital Services (AgileDS) product set, which incorporates written guidance, training and qualifications for people who are developing digital services.

Improving digital services

This remarkably useful product set is aimed at all those involved in the delivery of digital services, including central government, local government, the NHS, as well as private sector organisations. The firm’s journey involved the creation of an effective set of guidance, so they adopted the first principle and started with user needs – doing their research, analysis and crucially, talking to users to see what people really needed. One aspect discovered from the research findings was that there is a large and growing appetite for using Agile approaches to deliver digital services, but there was a lack of relevant training and development provision here.

In summary, we know that the combination of AgilePM with the excellent principles and ways of working within the Digital Service Standard will enable organisations to reap the benefits Agile service delivery provides while remaining in control and meeting both regulatory and governance requirements.

I hope you enjoy reading more about the firm’s Agile journey here. AgileDS is currently in public beta at the moment, but if you would like more information please email the Agile Business Consortium at


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