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  1. “Monetary inducements are not necessary”? That’s right because Teachers can live on a diet of gruel and feed their families on thin air and their mortgages (if they’re lucky) can be paid in monopoly money. Really?!!

  2. Unrealistic expectations are endemic in many educational environments resulting in mental illness. Whilst not often an issue if you are single, it’s a nightmare if you have a family and any other time commitments. “Wellbeing” initiatives are a paperwork exercise that no one really believes in and often are conveniently ignored. Many initiatives are reasonable and can work, but only if you invest in them! Problem is “best practice” takes time, effort and money. Government minister need to be honest in their promises and they simply aren’t. Teaching could be rewarding profession, just not in this country.

  3. To recruit more teachers you need to offer more planning and preparation time and smaller class sizes as well as some help with admin tasks. The pay is fair and generous. It is the lack fo time to do the job to the high standards which drives people out of the profession.


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