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Equal-Life team: Improving child exposome and quality of life

Social Sciences

Four PhD students from the Equal-Life team discuss their areas of research into the child exposome, looking at the environment children are raised in and the effects it has on mental health and cognitive development.

Girls Who Code: Encouraging Girls towards STEM Careers


Girls Who Code – While enrolment in computing science and engineering degrees has largely evened out among men and women, the professional participation of women in the technology sphere continues to lag behind.

International agriculture and rural development


International agriculture and rural development experiences have become critical in the training of food and agriculture majors Our world is changing exponentially and unleashing sets of complicated problems, challenges, and opportunities. In view of this,...

InDEStruct: engineering advanced heat transfer systems


Open Access Government interviews members of the team of the InDEStruct project, a Horizon 2020 project which works toward inter-disciplinary design approaches for advanced heat transfer systems.

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Open Access Government October 2022

Open Access Government October 2022

We welcome our October 2022 digital publication - this autumn we are bringing you extensive policy analysis, including health & social care, research &...