Asia Analysis January 2023

We warmly welcome you to the January 2023 edition of Asia Analysis, which features an array of compelling articles from electrosynthesis to rice export restrictions

Enjoy the piece from Daniel Scarborough from Nazarbayev University, who examines why it is crucial to study history. Why are depictions of past events often shaped by ideas in the present? Do historians strive to explore the past through the lens of the past rather than the present? Read on to find the answer to these and other searching questions.

Aarthi JanakiRaman from Frost & Sullivan walks us through Microbial electrosynthesis (MES) and ponders whether it is the way forward for biomanufacturing in the chemical industry. In another piece, she argues that toxicological research is vital to sustaining human health and well-being.

Why not turn to the piece penned by none other than Open Access Government concerning the advancement of science in Japan and beyond? Or read our detailed analysis of Taiwan’s National Science and Technology Council and its important and ambitious targets.

Food for thought comes from Peter Bachmann, Vice President Policy & Government Affairs at USA Rice, who states that India’s protectionist rice export restrictions hurt the neediest the most. You may also like to browse the piece by Professor Apichart Vanavichit, PhD, Rice Genomic Breeding Expert at Rice Science Center, who heralds the next green revolution of organic rice.

We trust you enjoy the many varied and compelling insights covered here.


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