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boat on the river thames

An ecosystem approach to the River Thames

Anna Forbes, Thames Rivers Trust Administrator at the Thames Rivers Trust, shares with us an ecosystem approach to the River Thames.
charging an electric vehicle

Leading the charge to net zero by electrifying the NHS

Connected Kerb exists to power the future of sustainable mobility for everyone. Here Vicky Evans explores the significance of making EV charging more accessible to the general public whilst also illustrating the importance of electrifying the NHS fleet.
data analytics on a screen with glasses next to it

How can today’s higher education leaders more effectively utilise data analytics?

Data analytics could transform student experiences, but higher education institutions need to gather and efficiently measure information.
digital investment

Should we prioritise digital investment in rural communities?

Roy Shelton, Group Chief Executive Officer of Connectus Business Solutions poses the question, “should we prioritise investment into digital investment in rural communities?”.
in an abortion clinic

UK government to fund abortion services in Northern Ireland

Secretary Chris Heaton-Harris is commissioning state-funded abortion services across Northern Ireland, after the region fails to provide support for women.
alzheimers, brain scan

The expansion of potential Alzheimer’s drugs

Alzheimers drugs have been shown able to target insulin receptors located in cerebral microvessels, massively expanding the future of drug production and testing
Student girl in mask with smartphone at lecture, recruitment

Are we answering our prospective and current students’ needs in recruitment?

In the post-pandemic era of recruitment & retention, how can we ensure that students realize the value on their investment?
two cats sat in the sun

Cats have been found to encourage stress relief in people with anxiety

Research has drawn attention to the benefits of spending time with cats, as a means of stress relief, for people suffering from anxiety disorders.

AI in healthcare can help save time & brain

Mark Hitchman, Managing Director of Canon Medical Systems UK, explains why AI in healthcare can deliver time efficiencies & better standards of care for patients.
person struggling with bills

As 20% fall behind on bills, employers can do more to help

As the cost of living crisis affects the mental and physical well-being of workers everywhere, employers need to better support employees.

Modelling the Ionosphere response to the Tonga Volcanic Eruption

Joseph Huba, Vice President at Syntek Technologies looks at the Tonga Volcanic Eruption and results from a high-resolution simulation of the event to model the Ionosphere response.
levelling up

How can technology help local authorities deliver the government’s Levelling Up Whitepaper agenda?

Both the Covid-19 pandemic and an escalating cost of living crisis have exposed the vast economic, health and social inequalities across the UK, with deprived communities and the most vulnerable being impacted the hardest.
Group setting under dark sky using sparklers, happy faces, enjoying leisure time

Rethinking the serious leisure perspective

Cecilia Van Cauwenberghe from Frost & Sullivan’s TechCasting Group, urges us to rethink the serious leisure perspective.
Hacker working on computer cyber crime

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Are you prepared?

Martin Roots, Managing Director at the Expede Group, discusses cybersecurity awareness, walking us through different cyber attacks and how to prevent them efficiently.
female patient listening to her medical record

Improvements to NHS digital can deliver better patient access

NHS Digital has planned to merge with NHS England in January 2023 to increase support for patients online.

Do you really need to be taking paracetamol?

Paracetamol is Britain’s most trusted painkiller with the average person taking up to 70 paracetamol per year, however there are safety issues.
Dry cracked land and drying river and Green abundance of crop plant and trees metaphoric World climate change and Ecological collapse.

3 ways COP27 could deliver Africa’s needs for climate adaptation

Localising, re-building and increasing financial innovation could aid Africa with its adaptation to climate change in upcoming COP27 discussions.
Rishi Sunak, former Chancellor of the Exchequer, standing outside No. 10 Downing Street

What can we expect from Rishi Sunak if he becomes Prime Minister?

The former Chancellor of the Exchequer is the Tory favourite for the next Prime Minister, but what can the public expect from Rishi Sunak if this becomes a reality?
Polling station sign

Do we need a general election?

In less than two months, two Conservative Prime Ministers have resigned - it begs the question, do we need a general election?
connected people via digital solutions

Designing digital solutions to drive positive change in society

Digital solutions can enable government organisations to reach a wider number of people, provide a better experience for service users, and make the organisation more efficient.

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