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Pregnant woman against a black background

Pregnant women die more from homicide than any other cause in the US

Pregnant women are more in danger of dying by homicide from intimate partner violence than any other cause of maternal death, including sepsis and haemorrhages.
worker burnout concept in an office

What is “quiet quitting” and how is burnout affecting the UK?

Work-based stress and burnout have led to a rise in quiet quitting - a notion where people limit their work to strictly working hours.
electric vehicle charging

Local Authorities need an open market approach to meet EV charging demands

Electric vehicles are increasing in demand across the UK – but with this EV growth, more infrastructure and EV charging points are needed.
local business

5 Ideas on how local government can support local business

The SMEs sector decreased in both number and turnover and most of the business owners are not overly optimistic looking forward and plan to downsize their businesses.
low code

Low-code helps UK councils to digitally transform and abandon legacy IT systems

Legacy IT systems are an obstacle to many UK councils in customer service operation, but low-code may be able to advance next-generation digital services.
Cracked ground with green shoot sprouting

Is net zero by 2050 a pipe dream?

Saranjit Singh, VP Telecommunications and Utilities APAC, SS&C Blue Prism discusses whether net zero by 2050 is achievable, or nothing but a pipe dream.
Keir Starmer against red background reading 'KEIR STARMER ANOTHER FUTURE IS POSSIBLE'

Will the Labour Party win the next general election?

The Labour Party has achieved its largest poll lead in over two decades over the Conservatives; is this enough to win the next general election? 

Reducing falls and fractures with low-intensity vibration

MyBones explores the relationship between falls and fractures, and the importance of preventative care.
creative team working together at computers in a casual office

Maintaining momentum on digital investment is key to dealing with the skills shortage

There is a massive skills shortage in the public sector, but continued investment in technology and digital transformation could solve this.
3D render AI artificial intelligence technology CPU central processor unit chipset on the printed circuit board for electronic and technology concept select focus shallow depth of field

AI technology is not dark magic, it’s just misunderstood

AI technology has a vital role to play in the future of business and academia, and the better our understanding of it, the more it can expand across sectors and skill sets.
social value, workplace, Overhead View Of Commuters Crossing Busy Street

Social value is not a tick box exercise – three principles for making a...

Companies are now required to demonstrate social value as part of a procurement process, particularly when bidding for public sector tenders.
Family house with solar panels on the roof for water heating

Councils can save residents £1600 off their annual energy bills with rooftop solar

Rooftop solar energy provided by councils could help the UK through the energy crisis, saving on costs and lowering national carbon emissions.
Stone statue of pregnant woman

Do PCOS symptoms vary depending on where you live?

Women's PCOS symptoms vary from state to state in America and are influenced by race and general health, here's why.

Eating late at night increases risk of obesity, here’s why

Dieticians regularly warn against eating late at night but why is this and how does it affect body weight? New research reveals all.
female student taking a digital online exam at school

International Baccalaureate programme moves to digital exams

Digital exams are now overtaking traditional paper exams in the International Baccalaureate, with the potential to move to virtual reality assessments also.
healthcare data on technology

The healthcare industry’s identity security diagnosis

Ensuring identity security in the healthcare industry is vital post-pandemic, as the NHS faces more cyber threats than ever. Here's how we can better protect healthcare data.
Laptop against dark background with code coming out of screen

Adequate data disposal: wiping the slate clean

Alvarez & Marsal’s recent forensic analysis of used computers has uncovered the dangers of inadequate data disposal for individuals and businesses everywhere, opening up the potential for data breaches and financial fraud. But to what extent does this also pose a threat to the public sector?
UK Prime Minister Liz Truss walking along wearing navy suit

How long will Liz Truss last as Prime Minister?

The new Prime Minister is rapidly losing popularity following a controversial mini-budget and a plummeting pound; the question is, how long will Liz Truss last?
Psylocibin mushrooms growing in magic mushroom breads on an plastic environment being collected by expert hands wearing white latex medical gloves

How does psilocybin rewire the brain?

Psilocybin rewires the brain in depressed people by freeing them up from long-held patterns of rumination and excessive self-focus.
Black background with green code and hooded man holding hand up visible

Montenegro and cyberattacks: all NATO states should be prepared

Keiron Holyome, VP UKI, Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa at BlackBerry discusses cyberattacks and the public sector.

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