Amanda Brock


    Amanda is CEO of OpenUK, the UK body for Open Technology. She is also a Board Member of the Cabinet Office Open Standards Board; an Advisory Board Member for the UK Government Energy Sector Digitalisation Task Force; and European Representative of the Open Invention Network. Amanda is the Editor of the book Open Source Software: Law, Policy and Practice 2nd Edition, to be published by Oxford University Press in Spring 2022 with open access sponsored by the Vietsch Foundation and contributed to by 20 leading figures in open source.

    Amanda has previously been the Chair of the Open Source and Intellectual Property (IP) Advisory Group of the United Nations Technology Innovation Labs and was General Counsel of Canonical, one of the world’s biggest open source companies and the commercial sponsor of Ubuntu, setting up the global legal team and running this for five years.

    As a senior lawyer she has worked across a range of sectors including hardware, mobile, ISP, data centre and digital financial services in Emerging Markets. She has expertise in open source software, collaboration across businesses, developing product and strategy, risk, governance and compliance, IP, Standards, Sustainability, contracting and commercialisation in digital and provides consultancy and advisory services. She’s worked in digital transformation since 2000.