Anthony S. Serianni

    Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry
    University of Notre Dame

    Anthony S. Serianni is Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of Notre Dame.

    Professor Serianni’s research focuses on the use of stable isotopically-labeled compounds to examine structure, conformation and reactivity of carbohydrates and nucleic acids in solution using modern multidimensional NMR methods and computational techniques.

    His group is interested in developing and improving chemical and chemi-enzymic methods to prepare carbohydrate-containing biomolecules containing one or more sites of isotopic enrichment, with 13C, 2H and 15N of primary concern. NMR studies of these labeled biomolecules permit a more detailed assessment of their 3-D structures in solution, information which is critical to understanding the fundamental factors controlling molecular recognition in biological processes.