Dr Jörg Cortekar

    Climate Service Center Germany (GERICS)

    Jörg has been working at the Climate Service Center Germany since summer 2013. His main focus is on market research and adaptation support in urban areas.

    The two EU projects MARCO and EU-MACS are concerned with the analysis of existing market structures, emerging barriers in the development and application of climate services as well as the necessary innovation to overcome the barriers. Other projects – UseUClim and LIFE Local Adapt – are concerned with supporting cities and communities in adapting to climate change.

    Previously, Jörg Cortekar worked at the universities in Göttingen and Hanover as a research assistant and as a consultant for a well-known health care consultancy in Hamburg. The focus of the work was always on the interface between science and application, which ultimately resulted in the co-founding of the series of publications on economic research on environmental policy. The series sees itself as a platform for the exchange between science and application.