Vincent Thornley

    Managing Director
    Fundamentals Ltd.

    Dr Vincent Thornley is Managing Director at Fundamentals, with accountability for Integration of all aspects of the business to gain Traction towards Fundamentals’ Vision. He has 30 years’ experience managing, selling and delivering energy-orientated technology through a variety of roles, including manufacturing, academia, consultancy, technology provider and solution delivery. This experience crosses many technological boundaries, including nuclear generation, connection of renewable energy, smart grid technologies, and integration of heat, power and transport. Previously he was engaged in research at the University of Manchester where he gained his doctorate for his leading research in active network management, a forerunner of the smartgrids of today. His roles, which included time with early-stage technology companies, have included business leadership, development and commercialisation of new and innovative smartgrid technologies, project delivery, consulting on the electrical integration of renewable energy, and M&A work.