Neil Gordon

    Chief Executive
    Subsea UK

    Neil was appointed chief executive of the subsea industry body in 2011

    During this time, he has effectively led the self-sustaining organisation through both its most challenging and most successful periods.

    With 300 members, representing the entire subsea supply chain, Subsea UK is firmly recognised globally as the focal point for the £7.8 billion UK subsea industry – one of the country’s largest industry sectors in terms of economic contribution, with high-growth potential.

    Under his leadership, the subsea industry has transitioned from being seen as a sub-sector of oil and gas to becoming a stand-alone industry operating in diverse sectors, including oil and gas, but also offshore wind, marine renewables, defence, ocean science, subsea mining and aquaculture.

    During his stewardship, Subsea UK has taken a leading role in discussions with political and industry stakeholders about the future of the industry and the support required to maintain the UK’s world-leading position. He has effectively negotiated and delivered partnerships and alliances with industry bodies in the key sectors, at home and abroad, as well as with agencies such as OGA, OGUK, OGTC, SDI and DIT. These have resulted in enhanced profile of the industry and opportunities for member companies to grow domestically and internationally.

    Neil trained as a commercial diver, spending eight years carrying out numerous diving assignments in the UK and Norwegian waters involving new construction projects, pipeline surveys, welding and inspection.

    He has almost 30 years’ management experience in director and business development roles, combined with over 17 years in the subsea industry.

    Prior to joining Subsea UK, he spent four years managing the National Hyperbaric Centre which included saturation diving operations, hyperbaric testing and training of subsea client representatives.

    Neil is currently a Director of OPITO, NSRI and the Offshore Training Foundation, a member of the Oil and Gas Authority – Supply Chain Task Force Group and an industry advisor for the MSc in Subsea Engineering at Aberdeen University.