Nina Lindfors

    Director of Teaching and Research
    Helsinki University Hospital

    Nina Lindfors, Adj. Prof, MD, PhD, MSciEng, Director of Division of Teaching and Research, Department of Musculoskeletal- and Plastic Surgery, Helsinki University Hospital, Helsinki University, Finland

    Nina Lindfors has studied medicine at Turku University Hospital (graduated in 1992) and chemical engineering at the Åbo Akademi University (graduated in 1995) in Finland. She has a PhD from Helsinki University on bioactive glass. She is specialized in orthopedic and hand surgery and works partly as a physician at the Helsinki University Hospital (HUS).

    From the beginning of 2015 she was appointed to Director of the Department of Musculoskeletal- and Plastic Surgery at HUS and is administratively responsible for all teaching and research concerning musculoskeletal and plastic surgery. She is an Adj. Prof. at the Helsinki University and teaches medical students in orthopedic and hand surgery.

    Her research group is focused on bioactive glass, bone regeneration and infection treatment with focus on new bioactive glasses for treatment of demanding bone defects.