Information Capture

Here, Fujitsu explain how to begin the first steps toward successful digital transformation

When it comes to digital transformation, the phrase has been spoken so often that no-one instantly knows what it could be referring to. The concept itself, transitioning an entire organisation into a state of post-paper, secure data bliss, is immense.

Even Governments and highly established organisations, like the NHS, struggle to adjust. That is because digital transformations asks for more than shallow, aesthetic change – it demands an overhaul, a reconstruction of the foundations of how a thing functions. Only in stripping down to bare bones, can an organisation rebuild to a point of new productivity and functionality.

The COVID pandemic forced countless organisations to embrace digital transformation, the essentials of it, to continue the function of their businesses from remote locations. For children, digital transformation decided their level of access to education.

Here, Fujitsu offer their unique expertise on navigating the stress and immensity of this journey.

For instance, did you know that Organisational Intelligence is the capacity of an organisation to derive maximum value from its information? Fujitsu strongly recommend that we first understand what this is, before starting on any kind of journey. Organisational Intelligence also means an organisation has to create flexible knowledge pathways, which add value to every employee. The organisation must also use insight to adapt to its environment – as every organisation was forced to, when the pandemic hit.

Any journey should therefore be cost-effective, improve productivity, increase profit and create a need to process more data as the organisation organically expands from being successful.

They also reveal that 54% of organisations think that information capture is essential to digital transformation.

Here, Fujitsu outline highly specific examples of how to adapt an organisation, what elements are crucial and more of their hard-won lessons from their own domination in the digital arena. To understand how to replicate similar strategies, look no further.


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