Environment report shows benefits of EU action

A new report published today shows that a coordinated EU environment policy has delivered substantial benefits for citizens over the past five years…

The report – ‘The European Environment – State and Outlook 2015 (SOER) prepared by the European Environment Agency – has revealed that European’s enjoy cleaner air and water, send less waste to landfill and recycle more.

However, it warns that Europe’s long-term goal of “living well, within the limits of our planet”, cannot be achieved within the current level of ambition of environment and related policies.

The report is an integrated assessment of Europe’s environment that includes data at global, regional and country levels, as well as cross country comparisons.

The analysis calls for more integrated policy making – a call the Commission is responding to with a series of environmental initiatives for 2015.

These initiatives include a new, broader package on the Circular Economy, a review of the EU Biodiversity Strategy, and action plan on Ocean Governance, and a modified Air Quality package.

European Commissioner for the Environment, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Karmenu Vella said: “I see the State of the Environment Report 2015 as the ‘starting line’ of my mandate.

“The report clearly shows that EU environmental policies are delivering benefits. Environmental policies are also delivering jobs. The rapid growth of the green economy even during the worst years of the recession bodes well for Europe’s competitiveness.

“We must stay ever vigilant to ensure that good policy, well implanted, means excellent environmental results both on land and at sea. Innovative investment to safeguard prosperity and quality of life are a priority. The long-term investment we make today can ensure that in 2050 we live well, and within the limits of the planet.”

Five key areas are being highlighted by the Commission following the report: Resource efficiency/circular economy; nature and biodiversity; ocean governance; climate action; and air quality.


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