Lib Dems promise stronger Welsh economy

Lib Dems promise stronger Welsh economy
Image © Liberal Democrats

Deputy Prime Minister and leader of the Liberal Democrats Nick Clegg has promised a stronger economy and a fairer society for Wales…

The Liberal Democrats will fight for a stronger, fairer Wales, according to Nick Clegg. The General Election campaign got fully underway following the dissolution of parliament yesterday. The race for Westminster looks set to be a close one, with Labour and the Conservatives neck-and-neck in the polls, and the Liberal Democrats trailing behind its former coalition partner.

The Deputy Prime Minister kickstarted his General Election in Cardiff Central. The region is currently a Liberal Democrat seat that is being targeted by the Labour party.

Clegg said the Conservative party was pursuing cuts, “not because they have to, but because they want to”.

He also warned that Labour’s “addiction” to borrowing would put the economic recovery at risk.

“Put simply,” he said, “the Liberal Democrats will borrow less than Labour and cut less than the Conservatives – guaranteeing an economy that delivers for everyone across the UK.”

The Lib Dems will work to maintain their three Westminster seats, as well as hoping to regain the lost seat in Montgomeryshire, which was overtaken by the Conservatives in 2010.


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