London council IT teams urged to build cloud services

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London local authority IT teams have been called upon to design and implement their digital services through the ‘SuperCloud’…

London Grid for Learning (LGfL) Chief Executive John Jackson has called on IT teams at London councils to help build and implement digital services through the London ‘SuperCloud’.

The SuperCloud is a hybrid cloud system provided by LGfL and supported by the London Public Services Network. It aims to provide 33 London boroughs with cloud access to common services and applications at a low cost.

It would enable existing digital services to be expanded and be offered on a regional and national level. SuperCloud has the potential to enhance the public sector.

Among the services that could be utilised this way is secure authentication services; internet security and protection; datacentre hosting; and low cost connectivity.

In a bid to increase uptake of the SuperCloud, Jackson has written to Chief Information Officers (CIOs) and senior local government IT leaders across London to discern how much interest there is in getting involved.

He wrote: “I really hope there is some interest amongst you as I’m really keen we harness the talent and brilliant people we have in London to move this forward strategically.

“Digital innovation and cloud enabled transformation can help the sector save at least a billion pounds per year and boost growth through service redesign, business process automation and breakthrough collaboration.

“But we can’t realise the potential if we’re not prepared to bust silos, we don’t achieve convergence, we don’t aggregate demand, we don’t achieve cross sector process and data orchestration, we don’t achieve interoperability and we don’t share data.

“We are at a tipping point for the sector where we can save a lot, drive better outcomes and meet rising expectations through digital and SuperCloud. That is why I’m urging existing London IT teams as centres of excellence to support the work we’re doing, which offers a huge opportunity.

“Let’s harness the power of cloud not for commoditisation and delivery of cheap IT processing power – but fundamentally to create the enabling cross government capabilities the sector needs for leadership in a digital, devolved world.”


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