London councils come together in digital services

Councils across the capital have launched a peer group aimed at helping to support the implementation of the Local Government Digital Service Standard…

London councils have launched a peer group to assist with delivering digital services across the capital. The group will help to implement the Local Government Digital Service Standard, which was published in February by LocalGov Digital with the aim of delivering a common approach to user-centred services. It provides a clear statement of ambition in delivering services, as well as a framework for assessing compliance. Furthermore, it creates a need between local authorities to deliver efficient services to customers.

The standard is based on one used by central government. It includes 15 requirements that should be met by local government when providing digital services. Among this is usability and the reuse of existing data.

However, a LocalGov Digital maker Ben Cheetham said guidance relating to the standard should be created. Speaking at the Public Sector Show in London today [28 June], he said: “The idea is to allow London councils to come together and support one another in implementing the standard.”

LocalGov Digital is also planning a number of meetings to bring together expertise, the first of which will take place on the 7 July.

In a bid to assess how well local governments are using the standard a local government digital standard summit will also be held on 19 September.


  1. It’s always worrying when a councillor knows more than the IT director in the local authority. I’d love to get my teeth into the public sector IT budget and set up an efficient and well oiled machine. One bangs one’s head against a wheelie bin when they can’t organise a ‘party’ in a brewery.

    Local authorities should be careful as they are already a decade behind the private sector. Some councils are still using MSOffice 2003 and that’s just the front end. Processes need to change, culture needs to be shaken up and words need to turn into action. Same with NHS IT.


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