A focus on musculoskeletal function research

Here, we feature two extensive interviews with Professor Dr Martin Flück at the Laboratory for Muscle Plasticity at Balgrist University Hospital, about vital musculoskeletal function research

In this first interview, he explains his fascinating research around musculoskeletal function, including the post-operation recovery of patients that have undergone surgery due to the rupture of a rotator cuff tendon.

This in-depth analysis includes Professor Dr Martin Flück’s thoughts in the research taking place at the Balgrist Campus into personalised interventions which are helping to pave the way for a new generation of therapies for weak muscles. The interview also looks at the work of the laboratory for muscle plasticity which investigates the mechanisms that underlie the conditioning of skeletal muscle structure and function during recovery from surgical interventions and rehabilitation.

The mechanisms that govern skeletal muscle function

The insight does not stop there. A second interview with Professor Dr Martin Flück focuses our thoughts on the mechanisms that govern skeletal muscle function. In this second interview, Professor Dr Martin Flück reveals how his research aims to shed light on the mechanisms that govern skeletal muscle function in health and disease, with the goal of translating the findings into more effective clinical applications.

This second interview includes discussion of the crucial role that state-of-the-art methods and technologies play in the field of muscle research when it comes to the excellent work taking place at Balgrist Campus in Zurich and in their fruitful cooperation with the Functional Genomics Center of the University of Zurich/ETH. We also learn about disruptive ideas for personalised sports medicine and exercise rehabilitation. In closing, Martin sheds light on the future priorities for the diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation of all musculoskeletal disorders.


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