North Yorkshire Council to procure broadband partner

North Yorkshire County Council is seeking a delivery partner to increase superfast broadband coverage across the region…

In a bid to increase superfast broadband coverage to 96 per cent of homes across North Yorkshire, the county council has agreed to put out to tender the third phase of its superfast programme.

The first two phases of the Superfast North Yorkshire programme will supply 91 per cent of homes with broadband speeds of 25Mbps by June 2017. This is expected to cost £34.5m.

The third phase will be aimed at harder to reach properties and will increase coverage to 96 per cent of homes by 2019. The county council’s executive committee backed plans for this phase to go out for tender last week.

The cost of delivering superfast connectivity trebles in remote areas. However, North Yorkshire County Council’s executive member for broadband Don Mackenzie said the council was committed to supporting rural connectivity, even when it wasn’t commercially viable to do so.

”At the start of the programme in 2012 the cost was almost £200. That cost has now risen to almost £600,” he said.

“Nevertheless we are committed to helping our most isolated residents and businesses to get a good quality connection.”

The council is set to fund just over £12m of the phase three funding, with £7.3m coming from the government’s Broadband Delivery UK programme and £1m from the European Regional Development Fund.

It is expected a delivery partner will be appointed, with areas identified for the third phase roll out by next Easter.


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