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Oils By Simpson™ – Cannabis Oil for better health

At OilsBySimpson we provide the highest quality of organic full-spectrum cannabis oil products, and the best customer service

OilsBySimpson started back in 2012 – when Kevin, Maria and Henrik each struggled with illness of various kinds. In many ways, we all ended up trying cannabis oil which was rich in especially CBD. We don’t have to say that this changed our lives so markedly that we knew that cannabis oil deserved to come out to a wider audience. Regardless of what neighbours, doctors, police and other authorities might think.

That’s why OilsBySimpson started. Not to sell and make money on organic cannabis oil, but primarily to spread the knowledge of a multifunctional natural product that could contribute to our enthusiasm to give us the quality of life back.

The help of volunteers

We were fortunate that we got in contact with other sufferers who offered their help as volunteers so that we could help share all the good experiences that we got with the cannabis oil. The volunteers, all of whom themselves had a serious illness story behind them, were a gift sent from heaven: they helped us help all the many who searched our Facebook group with tips and tricks. They also helped to pass on the many good experiences so that everyone could gain access to knowledge sharing and from there even move on in their lives. The group is also called “Recovery” – and we consider it to be one great living knowledge Bank where all our customers can become members and get good knowledge and support from.

The needs of people

Before we saw ourselves, we had many thousands of active members. This told us a lot: not only that there was a great need for cannabis oil, but also that we had seen right that the cannabis oil worked above all expectation of most who tried it. People quickly took good care of the cannabis oil which sold more and more , and now today is used by a great many – and from what we learn: from everything from chronic pain and insomnia to much more serious illnesses such as epilepsy and even cancer.

Winning world-wide with cannabis oil

It is to our great delight to see how medical cannabis wins all over the world. And the trend is even strong now. This we have fought for behind the lines for a long time. And because we were at the beginning, we have created many good contacts in many countries that help us to recommend our many users and customers the right products.

Cannabis Oil from OilsByuSimpsonBest quality cannabis oil products

The products we sell all have it in common that the quality is high. The Cannabis oil makes you not skewed, high or uncomfortable. There are no side effects – and you can take the oil whether you are struggling with physical illness or suffering from mental disorders. The Cannabis oil works multi-functional on many fronts.

Never hesitate to contact us

With that said, we always recommend that you carefully try out the form of intake that suits you best. If you are in doubt about strength, quantity and combination with other medicines, please do not hesitate to contact us to get a good advice. We are for you – and if you are not a customer of us, call anyway and get a little chat with us.

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