Empowering people with privacy and data personalisation

Marsali Hancock from EP3 Foundation underlines that we don’t have to turn a blind eye concerning cybercrime, illegal content and harmful internet activities and that we can empower people through privacy and data personalisation

Here, Marsali Hancock from EP3 Foundation says that as we connect new generations of children and communities online, we have a unique opportunity to be the generation that implements new, additional, privacy-protecting designs and protocols. Certainly, cybercrime, illegal content and harmful activities do not have to threaten national security or the physical safety of our children.

We know that the internet can be a force for good, certainly, ICT enables world citizens to instantly access digital systems that have the potential to create better standards of living, improve health, save lives, educate, entertain and inspire. It is, therefore, thought-provoking that the world has shrunk down to the size of our handheld devices and as such, we can go anywhere, see anyone and do anything at the mere touch of a screen. Against that backdrop, responsible digital skills and enhanced cyber wellness are increasingly important in civil society, we find out here.

Unfortunately, the risks include online predators and cyber-stalkers pursue and prey on children, as well as bullying, cyber-attacks, fraud and terrorist cells. Also, intellectual property and identity theft have repercussions that could harm a person for decades.

When considering where we are when it comes to reducing cybercrime and child exploitation, new tools and privacy-protecting data practices are, therefore, required in the view of EP3 Foundation. In this vein, the author states quite rightly that: “It is vital to establish new systems to protect our children and ensure the internet serves as a driver for innovation, scientific research, economic growth and social development.”

To learn more, I encourage you to read this excellent article and to visit the website of EP3 Foundation. 


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