Provision of housing for older people in Oxford to be improved

Bradlands -redeveloped

Oxford City Council are aiming to improve provision of housing for older people following a comprehensive review of the service…

Following the review, which included consultation and engagement with residents, a series of recommendations have been set out.

These include how the Council will work in partnership with the County Council and the Oxfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group to identify the needs for Extra Care and Specialist Housing in the city.

It also suggested the development of an agreed action plan to mitigate the impacts on older people of the County Council budget cuts.

The review also identified the need for the City Council to consider prioritising accommodation provision for people aged 75 years and older.

Councillor Mike Rowley, Board Member for Housing, said: “The Council has developed a number of suitable affordable homes for older people, including the brand-new Bradlands sheltered flats in Marston, built to the highest quality standards.

“This review sets out how we can make changes that could deliver an improved housing offer for future older generations in the City. Partnership working and further consultation with residents will be key to delivering the recommendations set out in this review.”

The Council also aims to make best use of existing social housing stock, in partnership with Registered Providers.

It hopes to create opportunities and build new affordable homes to meet a range of housing needs including, where planning requirements allow, a small number of new affordable bungalows on in-fill development sites within existing estates.


  1. Dear Colleague

    Housing and Care 21 one of the leading national providers of affordable housing for older people in the Country would be interested in talking to you regarding your proposals. We have already built two extra care schemes in the County and have a very good relationship with the County Council. We are currently trying to establish a pipe line of new schemes and would be keen to deliver something in Oxford.
    Kind regards.


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