Public sector digital collaboration

Jason Fahy, CEO of Knowledge Hub reveals how the firm’s feature-rich digital tool-set is breaking down boundaries in the public sector and explains how organisations are increasing productivity through collaboration

Here, we learn that Knowledge Hub boasts a proud heritage within public sector digital collaboration. Originated and developed for local government by local government, the Knowledge Hub and its predecessor Communities of Practice have been enabling public service practitioners to share knowledge online since 2006.

Firstly, we find out that the firm’s feature-rich digital tool-set is breaking down boundaries in the public sector. For example, Knowledge Hub is now a fast-growing community of over 160,000 professionals, spanning every corner of the public sector. It is helping to remove traditional, organisational and geographical boundaries and making it easier to deliver results through collaboration. The good news is that Knowledge Hub is free to public service and not-for-profit organisations and their employees who can access the platform at

Secondly, we discover that organisations today are increasing productivity through collaboration, indeed, Knowledge Hub is the place to go to collaborate online for public sector professionals. Collaboration, we discover, is synonymous with increased productivity. Whether sourcing content for research, seeking a rapid answer to a local challenge that is likely to already have been solved elsewhere, or crowdsourcing input to service redesign, the result is increased productivity. In addition, Knowledge Hub is extremely proud of its association with 100 Resilient Cities and excited that Salvador has moved quickly to adopt the platform.


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