Driven by the ingenuity and innovational vision of its co-founder and now pioneer CEO, Skaginn’s Super Chilling solutions offer a range of benefits. Through highly automated features, Super Chilling increases yield, preserves quality, adds to product value and can double shelf life. The efficient processing – now with a revolutionary high speed, gentle handling, quality controlled weighing and packing system – eliminates unnecessary product transport and thus reduces carbon footprint.

Already an industry leader in Iceland when it comes to efficient pelagic processing, freezing and chilling solutions, Skaginn’s growing reputation for its adaptability to tailor make solutions to individual assignments if needed, is fast establishing the company as a key player in a fiercely competitive international environment.

Skaginn and 3X join forces

Skaginn’s recent acquisition of an 80% stake in 3X Technology – another leader in its field in Iceland – has further fortified its position, coupled with an 1800 square metre expansion of its manufacturing facilities. The two companies, established in traditional Icelandic fishing towns, have a history of co-operation on a range of projects, making closer ties between them a logical progression.

Only recently Skaginn has delivered two major pelagic processing facilities. One in Iceland, the other in the Faroe Islands. A key feature of the new facilities is the weighing and packing system supported by the combined use of weighing and vision techniques. The system creates an accurate batch of the pre-selected fish in a hopper weighing unit and then sends it to a bagging machine together with traceability information per batch for barcode printing.

Emerging markets

In addition to its pelagic systems, Skaginn has commissioned a largescale IQF freezing system for Regal Springs in Mexico, one of the world’s largest tilapia producers. What makes the freezer unique is that it can be used for individual quick freezing while simultaneously used for superchilling. Skaginn has also recently completed an IQF solution for scallops for Seatrade and Eastern Fisheries in Boston. The company is currently working with the local staff of Friosur in Chile to improve quality and to examine a potential overhaul of its production procedures.

Volumes replaced by values

Iceland’s fishing industry has been through some tough years, emerging as not only one of the most modern in existence, but also one of the most progressive. When quotas are tight, values replace volumes. In an industry where there are no state subsidies and no safety net to fall back on, you have to push hard, break with convention, sometimes forgo tradition and break new ground. These are exactly the values that have driven Skaginn’s innovative approach.

About Skaginn

Founded in 1998, the company’s roots lie in the fishing industry, initially as a specialized department of the local shipyard in Akranes in West Iceland. Goundwork for the the development of sophisticated hi-tech solutions within the seafood industry simultaneously opened up channels into the meat and poultry industries. Skaginn’s products include Pelagic Processing Solutions, IQF Freezers, Automatic Box Freezers, Fluid Ice Systems, Tup Tippers, Ice Clean cleaning systems and more.

Skaginn’s co-founder and now principal owner and CEO is Ingólfur Árnason. Financially robust, the combined number of the group’s staff is around 170.


Ingólfur Árnason

Owner and CEO

Tel: +354 430 2000

Mobile: +354 897 1403


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