Smarter Printing for Construction

Large format printing on a color plotter

Recent months have seen a recovery but as construction businesses emerge from the downturn, many are uncertain what approach to take to printing.

Construction companies need accessible printing that is dependable and of high graphical quality. Yet, many such firms remain reluctant to make large investments in new solutions. Instead they often just struggle on, wasting money through inefficient processes and ageing printers.

The construction sector would benefit from a third approach, which involves buying printing as a service which develops with their business. Managed print services is often the ideal solution here.

That is because, instead of requiring them to make an upfront investment in the latest technology, it enables them to buy printers, supplies, maintenance and support in one all-inclusive ongoing contract as operational rather than capital expenditure. And these are exactly the kinds of benefits that OKI can deliver to construction sector businesses through its managed print services and associated managed page solutions.

An OKI managed print services implementation typically begins with an audit of existing practices including output volumes and printing types. By gaining a transparent view across the print landscape, a business can see where budget is spent and where it is potentially being wasted.

The results will be used to design a long-term print solution tailored to the needs of that organisation, helping ensure that the right printers are being used for the right job. This approach also establishes best practices such as setting double-sided and mono printing as default options to save costs and drive energy efficiencies. In addition, it means just one contract for all printing and documents needs. This makes it easier to monitor on-going costs, reduce capital investment and control budgets.

For businesses that need more granular control, OKI offers a comprehensive managed page services approach. This involves OKI working with its customer to establish their print and document requirements; recommending the right printing device and delivering a tailored all-inclusive printing plan that covers all consumables and servicing, thereby improving productivity. The right device together with the right printing plan and the implementation of print policies will ensure the company pays a flat monthly fee for what it prints, so it can control its costs.

Of course, in implementing such an approach, vendors need to provide printing solutions that drive added value for their construction sector clients. The new OKI C931 A3 colour printer is one such solution, delivering the outstanding print quality that construction sector businesses need to print maps, plans and diagrams while pushing the boundaries of media flexibility.

What many construction businesses are looking for today is an approach that allows them to manage and control their spending on printing while enabling them to unleash their creativity with outstanding print quality and superior media flexibility. And that is exactly what OKI’s services and solutions for the sector enable them to do.

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