More support for education career development

More support for education career development

Thousands of teachers will receive additional support to develop their careers and to improve teaching in the classroom…

Welsh teachers will see measures put into place to help develop their careers and to deliver the new curriculum.

The scheme will see all 37,000 teachers in Wales receive a learning passport by September. In this, they will record the professional development of their career.

Education Minister Huw Lewis said it was essential to have “high capacity, high skilled professionals” in the education sector.

A report by think-tank the OECD said the policies for recruiting and developing school staff were “underdeveloped”.

Education watchdog Estyn said in its annual report there had been improvements in the quality of teaching, and that half of schools were now rated good or better. However, there were fewer schools were teaching was rated as excellent.

Lewis said: “We are currently undertaking one of the most ambitious series of educational reforms Wales has ever seen, aimed squarely at improving standards right across the board.

“However we know that excellent teaching and leadership is crucial to the learner experience and to our ongoing work of raising outcomes for all learners at all levels.”

He added that “the quality of the professional at the chalk face has a huge impact on the quality of teaching and learning”.


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