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girl at night suffering depression

Blue Monday: ADHD can be predictive of poor mental health outcomes in adults

Adults with high levels of ADHD are more likely to experience poor mental health than adults with high levels of autistic traits.
Woman sitting on chair discussing ADHD with child

What are the brain markers of ADHD in children?

Researchers identified biomarkers of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in children and a possible role for neuroimaging machine learning.
Man enjoys working remotely. sat down in forest with laptop, hands in air, expressing his enjoyment.

4 ways to support neurodiverse employees who work remotely

With 15% of the UK population considered neurodivergent, knowing how to support neurodiverse employees is vital for both employer and employee.
Father home schools son with ADHD

Managing children with ADHD

Children with ADHD less able to multitask as brain works differently to those without, but medication can help.

85% of UK disabled workers are more productive working from home

There are numerous benefits of working from home for disabled workers, who have been the worst affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in their careers.
adult ADHD, AI-enabled assessment

AI-Enabled Assessment of Adult ADHD

Prof Marios Adamou OBE and Prof Grigoris Antoniou discuss the problems and solutions of adult ADHD, using an AI-enabled assessment of data.
adhd in women, depression and anxiety

What are four signs of ADHD in women?

ADHD in women can often present differently from ADHD in men – knowing the signs can help with common symptoms like inattentiveness, depression and anxiety.
adults with adhd, mental health

42% of adults with ADHD have “excellent” mental health

Adults with ADHD are shown to flourish when they are married, physically active, and free from chronic pain and other mental health issues.
hoarding behaviour, adhd

One in five people with ADHD have hoarding behaviour

People with ADHD are likely to adopt hoarding behaviours and mental addictions to items – potentially leading to a serious impact on their quality of life.
adhd risk, air pollution

Air pollution can increase childhood ADHD risk by 62%

Study finds that children with high exposures to air pollution, and lower exposure to green spaces have an increased risk of developing ADHD.
covid-19 adhd, youth with ADHD

How has COVID-19 posed challenges for kids with ADHD?

Youth with ADHD have been found to have a greater risk of experiencing COVID-19 symptoms and disruptions, including sleep problems, fear and anxiety related to infection risk.
black autism, ADHD

Where is the research into Black autism and ADHD?

Suzy Rowland, author of S.E.N.D. in the Clowns: Essential ADHD/Autism Family Guide, discusses the  need for research on Black autism and ADHD.

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