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City workers walking and cycling over Waterloo Bridge at the end of the working day. Crash zoom effect done in camera.

UK towns & cities lead the way to tackle air pollution

Sarah Woolnough, Chief Executive of Asthma + Lung UK, explains which towns and cities are trying to tackle air pollution, reducing the dirty air that causes issues for millions of people with lung conditions.
A serious female orthopedic doctor shows a senior female patient an x-ray of the patient's fractured foot.

How air pollution accelerates bone loss from osteoporosis

Elevated levels of air pollution increases bone loss from osteoporosis in postmenopausal women, with effects most evident in the lumbar spine.
Silhouette of two firemen fighting a raging fire with huge flames of burning scrap timber

20,000 premature deaths caused by human-ignited fires in U.S.

More than 80% of premature deaths caused by small smoke particles in the United States are the direct result of human-ignited fires.
children cycling on the way to school

Smart, safe and sustainable cycling: how AI-powered insights will encourage the next generation

Sustainable cycling to school could reduce air pollution and promote healthier choices, which could all be delivered by AI-powered insights.
Electric Vehicle charging on street for carbon net-zero emissions, in UK

Helping the public sector get on the road to carbon net-zero

Crown Commercial Service details how they are helping the public sector get on the road to carbon net-zero.

Four considerations for rolling out a Clean Air Zone (CAZ)

Where do we begin in rolling out Clean Air Zones (CAZs) initiatives across the UK to tackle pollution and promote greener travel?
air pollution and covid

An environmental and social focus on air pollution and COVID-19

We speak to Dr Elica. M. Moss, about her work with air pollution and COVID-19 – with particular focus on environmental microbiology
AI to fight air pollution

How can we use AI to fight air pollution?

Martin Schultz at the Jülich Supercomputing Centre, Forschungszentrum Jülich, Germany, discusses the potential of AI to combat air pollution.

PlanetWatch – An innovative solution to a global problem

Air pollution is the largest environmental risk factor for disease and premature death in the world explains PlanetWatch's Claudio Parrinello
blue hydrogen

‘Blue’ hydrogen may be worse than gas and coal, say researchers

Cornell and Stanford University researchers believe blue hydrogen may be harming the climate more than burning fossil fuels

Ozone is heating the planet more than scientists previously thought

NSF Funded research reveals Ozone in the atmosphere has weakened one of the Earth’s main cooling mechanisms.
tumble drying, microfibres

Reduce air pollution from microfibres by avoiding tumble drying

Tumble drying laundry can worsen air pollution, as it releases vast amounts of possibly harmful microfibres into the air, if not coupled with more eco-friendly methods.
resilient environment, climate change

Cultivating a resilient environment with ground-breaking science

Professor Susan Waldron, Director of Research and Skills at the Natural Environment Research Council emphasises the importance of research and innovation in adapting to climate change.
adhd risk, air pollution

Air pollution can increase childhood ADHD risk by 62%

Study finds that children with high exposures to air pollution, and lower exposure to green spaces have an increased risk of developing ADHD.
levelling up lungs, british lung foundation

‘Levelling up’ doomed to fail unless government gives our lungs a boost

Sarah Woolnough, Asthma UK and the British Lung Foundation, says the government should not miss this vital opportunity to protect our health.
Addressing air quality with low emissions zones

Improving air quality with Low Emission Zones

Yunex Traffic discuss the benefits to air quality with the implementation of low emissions zones in the UK's city centres.
nanoplastic snow

Nanoplastics in snow: The extensive impact of plastic pollution

Plastic has been found everywhere, from plastic pollution in the oceans, to microplastics in food – researchers have now located nanoplastic particles in the snow.
lockdown pollution, covid-19 lockdown

Did the COVID-19 lockdown affect pollution exposure?

Using a new modelling method to measure finer levels of nitrogen dioxide, a study finds that people had less exposure to pollution during COVID-19 lockdowns globally.
pollination air pollution, pollinators

Scientists find there are 70% fewer pollinators, due to air pollution

Air pollution significantly reduces pollination by confusing butterflies and bees, lessening their ability to sniff out crops and wildflowers.

Iodine in desert dust may be helping the climate

The iodine in desert dust has the ability to decrease ozone air pollution - however, it also allows greenhouse gases to stick around for longer.

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