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vaccine rheumatoid arthritis, arthritis

Scientists create experimental vaccine for rheumatoid arthritis

The scientists found that "rheumatoid arthritis totally disappeared" in animals that were given the vaccine - creating hope for a functional vaccine.
cbd for arthritis

CBD for arthritis: What the research shows

CBD has shown benefits for many health conditions, including arthritis. Here’s what the research shows.
innovation in biomechanics, osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis: Innovation in biomechanics, biology and imaging

Nigel Shrive and David Hart from the McCaig Institute for Bone and Joint Health, University of Calgary, unravel the complexity of osteoarthritis and stress the need to integrate innovation in biomechanics, biology and imaging.
arthritis impacts

Arthritis impacts six million Canadians and counting

Dr Siân Bevan, Chief Science Officer of the Arthritis Society describes how arthritis impacts six million Canadians and counting.
arthritis pain, addictive treatment

New treatment that ‘stuns’ arthritis pain could reduce opiate use

Over 350 million people suffer from arthritis pain globally, which means significant levels of opiates are used to manage the condition - but what if there was a less addictive treatment?
rheumatoid arthritis treatment

Novel biomarkers predict response to rheumatoid arthritis treatment

A new study, led by researchers at Queen Mary University of London, uses novel biomarkers to predict patient responsiveness to rheumatoid arthritis treatment.
causes of pain

Arthritis and related conditions: The biggest causes of pain in the UK

Stephen Simpson, Director of Research at Versus Arthritis, charts arthritis and related conditions, the biggest causes of pain in the UK today.
prevention of pain

2020: The Global Year for the Prevention of Pain

2020 is the Global Year for the Prevention of Pain. James Boyce, Managing Editor at Pain Concern explains here why that matters.

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