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Close up of fiber optic cables.

Using alternative technology to infill broadband delivery ‘notspots’

David Hennell, the Business Development Director at National Broadband argues how county councils can immediately ensure high-quality broadband delivery to all constituents.
Concept image of cables and connections for data transfer in the digital world.3d rendering.

True digital levelling up is within reach for local authorities

Ian Newbury from BT Wholesale argues that the success of UK local authorities is reliant on the services they underpin, which can be improved by the digital levelling up agenda.
A woman is working at home using a modem router, connecting the Internet to her laptop.

The Broadband USO – is it really helping those most in need?

What is the Broadband USO implemented by the Government, and how is it supporting digital connectivity?
Close up of domestic broadband router showing lack of signal orange no internet light. In background home working man on computer with head in hands

Should you change your broadband provider?

Over one third of Brits have never changed broadband provider, potentially missing out on savings of £162 a year.
Nokia Inks Deal with AST SpaceMobile — What Does this Mean for Connectivity?

Nokia Inks deal with AST SpaceMobile — What does this mean for mobile connectivity?

Mission impossible? Nokia and AST SpaceMobile are partnering to increase mobile connectivity around the world. In this article, we’ll explore how these companies plan to expand global coverage.
abstract image of the digital divide

Closing the digital divide more rapidly and effectively

Digital connectivity has ingrained itself into our daily life and is now as crucial to businesses and communities as any other utility. That’s why we must begin to close the digital divide.
digital investment

Should we prioritise digital investment in rural communities?

Roy Shelton, Group Chief Executive Officer of Connectus Business Solutions poses the question, “should we prioritise investment into digital investment in rural communities?”.
stronger internet infrastructure

UK internet was doomed before COVID-19, now’s the time to improve infrastructure

Naomi Hodges, cybersecurity advisor at Surfshark, highlights the need for stronger internet infrastructure and better management of networks.
public sector connectivity

What does public sector connectivity mean today?

Paul Doe, Regional Director, MLL Telecom discusses how public sector connectivity means so much more to local councils than increased bandwidth, looking at how local government can tailor the procurement process to make the most of connectivity contracts to benefit local citizens.

Solving Britain’s “rural vs urban” broadband connectivity divide

The disparity between fibre broadband connectivity in rural areas and urban hubs is greater than ever before and continues to grow, here we discuss how it can be solved.
Multi-utility networks

Multi-utility networks: The Scottish perspective

Lesley Campbell, Commercial Director at GTC Scotland explores multi-utility networks, including broadband, from the Scottish perspective.
broadband boost

UK Businesses urged to claim £2500 voucher for broadband boost

UK businesses are being urged to make use of a £2500 voucher for a broadband boost before the government scheme closes due to high demand
local businesses

Broadband boost see’s £9 billion increase for local businesses

Local businesses have seen a combined £9 billion increase in turnover since the boost in their broadband speed, new figures have revealed
Scotland's broadband

Solving Scotland’s broadband shortfall

Richard Watts, Head of Business Development at VXFIBER assesses whether the open access model can allow local authorities to solve Scotland’s lack of high-speed broadband connectivity.

Research reveals how communities tackle multiple challenges of rural living

Rural communities are coming together to improve their quality of life but feel as though they are becoming more remote, according to research from The Prince’s Countryside Fund and Scotland’s Rural College
broadband access

Rural areas to benefit from £45 million investment in broadband

Rural businesses and communities are set to benefit from improved broadband access as part of a £45 million boost by the government
fibre broadband

Full fibre broadband and 5G future for all

Mandatory full fibre broadband for all new build homes and new priority to connect hard-to-reach rural areas are key measures proposed in a national, long-term strategy for UK telecommunications
faster broadband speeds

UK homes to get faster broadband speeds by 2020

Faster broadband speeds will be a legal right to all UK homes and businesses by 2020 The government has promised that the whole of the UK will legally have the right to access internet speeds of at least 10 Mbps by 2020. BT, which is responsible for the infrastructure, had previously...
Superfast broadband rollout rural areas

Superfast broadband rollout to benefit from extra cash

More than half a million premises could benefit from a £440m cash boost to the government’s superfast broadband rollout scheme The £440 million windfall will help as many as 600,000 homes and businesses gain access to superfast broadband, including properties in the most remote parts of the UK. New figures show...

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