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estate management

Forging a path to better estate management

Raj Krishnamurthy, CEO, Freespace, walks us through forging a path to better estate management.
businesses affected by COVID

Alternatives to Government support for businesses affected by COVID

Edward Wade, Content Author and Technical SEO at Wilson Field, explores some of the alternative initiatives businesses can use to help themselves through tough times.
click fraud has worsened

How has click fraud worsened during the coronavirus pandemic?

In this Q&A interview with Stewart Boutcher, CTO and data lead of Beacon, he discusses how click fraud has worsened during the coronavirus pandemic and what e-commerce businesses can do to protect themselves.
AI legislation

EU’s AI legislation will help businesses realise the full potential of AI

Rachel Roumeliotis, Vice President of Data and AI at O’Reilly, explores how the EU’s recent AI legislation will help businesses realise the full potential of artificial intelligence (AI).
financial risk

Financial Risk from the Global COVID-19 Pandemic

Here, we discover what we need to know about addressing the increased financial risk from the global COVID-19 pandemic, starting with the background and challenges faced.
quality data

Why organisations need to address data management

Chris Hyde, Global Head of Data Solutions at Validity, discusses how businesses can attain quality data to help further boost e-commerce and in-store sales success.
e-commerce businesses

The risks click fraud poses to e-commerce businesses

Stewart Boutcher, founding CTO & data lead at Beacon, explores the risks that click fraud poses to e-commerce businesses and explains the steps that companies can take to prevent fraudulent clicks from disrupting their online marketing campaigns.
business and academia

UK innovation relies on connections between business and academia

Dr Joe Marshall, chief executive of the National Centre for Universities and Business (NCUB), argues that while the UK government’s new Innovation Strategy is a good start, the key to growth is enabling powerful connections between the worlds of business and academia.
sysadmin day, system administrators

SysAdmin Day: Honouring sysadmins for their work behind the scenes

Today is SysAdmin Day: An annual day of celebration for system administrators and their year long, smooth running of enterprise.
remote work

Digital skills: The key to public sector success

Graham Hunter, VP of Skills at CompTIA, explains why it is crucial that governments encourage and enable flexible learning and certifications in order to thrive in the new world of remote work.
social responsibility of business

‘Capital has no responsibility toward humans or the planet’

Professor Boris Durisin discusses Milton Friedman’s claim that the social responsibility of business is to increase profits, and points to the prevalence of civic responsibilities.
financial challenges

Trouble ahead for business owners: Navigating financial challenges

John Bell, director and founder of Clarke Bell, reflects on the impact that reduced government support will have on struggling businesses over the months ahead and shares some advice on how companies can best navigate a difficult financial course.
long Covid at work

Long Covid at work: The legal implications for the UK workforce

With the health implications of long Covid still being analysed and discovered, personal injury specialist Dan Poet from Thompsons Solicitors answers questions about the disease and its implications for the UK workforce.
online presence

The importance of a complete online presence for businesses

Terri Misters, Marketing Specialist at LCN, explores why businesses must consider all aspects of their online presence.
result of COVID

Local gov talk about the changes that will stay as a result of COVID

Rob Arkell, Growth Director at Domain7, ponders the conversations held by local government leaders discussing the business and technology changes that will stay as a result of COVID.
furlough fraud

Furlough fraud: Can IT modernisation help find HMRC’s lost £27 billion?

Mike Kiersey, Principal Technologist, Boomi, details how HMRC can modernise their IT systems to help recoup the billions lost in furlough fraud.
fake clicks

What do we know about fake clicks on Facebook?

Suzanne Trainer, Head of Marketing at Beacon, explains what fake clicks are, why most ad fraud committed on Facebook is click related and provides possible solutions for companies who find themselves falling victim to ad fraud on the social platform.
staff exodus

How to stop your staff exodus post lockdown

Lynne Hardman, CEO, Working Transitions, advises companies on how to stop their staff exodus post lockdown. Read more at Open Access Government.
contract visibility

How can the tech transition solve businesses’ issue with contract visibility?

Mark Rhodes, MD of ContractWorks, explores the tech solutions businesses need to be embracing in order to stay on top of contract obligations.
probate industry

The digitalisation of the probate industry and the pandemics impact

Philip Turvey, executive director at Anglia Research, explores how the pandemic has accelerated the digitalisation of legal practices.

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