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Swindon and Wiltshire, SWLEP Support Matters

Swindon & Wiltshire Local Enterprise Partnership support matters

A year in review: An overview of the Swindon and Wiltshire Economy in 2021.
intelligent robot arm used in modern factory

Can Intelligent Automation help business growth projections in 2023?

Economic uncertainty and worker dissatisfaction are plaguing business growth - is intelligent automation the answer?
digital abstract image of online consultations, smart contracts

What does the future hold for smart contracts?

Contracts are going digital. With certain online asset transactions already using blockchain-based software as their primary mode of contractual agreement, what does the future hold for 'smart' contracts?
Hardware computer desktop recycle industry

How the new ESPR legislation will impact intellectual asset protection

To encourage the use of data in improving sustainability, the EU is working on a new proposal – the Ecodesign for Sustainable Products Requirements (ESPR).
building skyline

UKAS CertCheck: introducing surety into supply chains and the procurement process

The need for a robust and dependable supply chain is universal across all businesses and industries. UKAS CertCheck has the ability to introduce surety into supply chains and the procurement process.
Business leader giving talk to conference room, woman standing up in front of whiteboard, everyone one else sat down in front of her

Finance and business trends for 2023

Rising inflation and the threat of recession present economic challenges for businesses, so what finance and business trends can we expect in 2023?
Big Ben London Clock tower in UK pictured by Thames river

The UK Resilience Framework – what does it mean for you?

The UK has launched its Resilience Framework - what does this mean, and what can it do for your organisation? 
QR code and smartphone, new technologies. Electronic digital technologies scanning, barcode

EU packaging laws and the digital barcode revolution

Why digital barcodes will revolutionise retail for brands and customers by helping them navigate EU packaging laws.
Student and business collaborators working together

Shatter the glass ceiling on your company’s ability to innovate through effective business-university collaborations

Dayna Arnold, Project Manager at Zest Consult, a leading digital technology consultancy, discusses the benefits of business-university collaborations to overcome barriers and boost their innovation capabilities.
medicine supply at a pharmacy

A shot in the arm for supply chain emissions of CO2 (e)

Henry Waite, Managing Director of Blue Marble looks at strategies to reduce supply chain emissions.
public sector technology

Attracting talent to public sector technology roles

Andrew Medhurst, Head of Consulting at Inspire People discusses the challenging of perceptions and hiring of outstanding Digital, Data and Technology talent for the public sector.
Ecommerce market online shopping market

MACH for ecommerce: opportunities and challenges

Highlighting the benefits and challenges of implementation of MACH architecture, ecommerce business could be changed for the better.
impact business, Global warming concept: smoke coming out of chimney

Climate change: The true possibilities of impact business

Matt Meyer, Chief Executive, Taylor Vinters, uncovers the true possibilities of impact business in light of climate change solutions.
seller using computer checking ecommerce clothing orders

How can eCommerce ERP improvements help supply chain management?

As eCommerce business grows, supply chain management gets more challenging and demanding – but eCommerce ERP development can help.
businessman typing for communication connecting to data ai internet social network online by using laptop computer and smartphone

5 ethical AI considerations to future proof your business

The main ethical challenges of AI fall into four broad categories; digital amplification, discrimination, security and control and inequality.
Rear view of software developers is sitting serious analyzing data on the computer screen

The future of open source in 2023

Ann Schlemmer, CEO of Percona, discusses the future of open source in 2023, including why platforms will matter more.
office spaces

The impact of COVID-19 on future workplaces

Alison White, Founder & Director of White Workplace Consultancy Limited, examines how COVID-19 has changed the way we work & what we want from future workplaces.
Blue background with laptop and various digital screens

G-Cloud 13 agreement goes live

Crown Commercial Service's G-Cloud 13 agreement has now been awarded and is live for customers to use.
Bakery production line with sweet cookies on conveyor belt in confectionery factory workshop, food production manufacturing

Why government must resuscitate the UK food manufacturing industry

Guy Tullberg, Managing Director of The Tracklement Company, explains why a strong supply chain is vital to meeting rising consumer demand and keeping the UK’s food manufacturing sector in business.
Person sitting at desk over spreadsheets working out sums on calculator

Private equity firms re-focus on optimising portfolios

Julie Neal, director at management consultancy Vendigital, discusses why private equity firms must re-focus on optimising portfolios.

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