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outdated automation

What is the true cost of outdated automation for businesses?

Neil Kinson, Chief of Staff, Redwood Software, explores what the true cost of outdated automation is and explains how businesses can discover the root cause of the automation gap to find a solution.
G-cloud 12, government digital

Procurement focus: What we need to know about G-Cloud 12

Crown Commercial Service tells us what we need to know about G-Cloud 12 in this procurement focus.
antitrust investigation into amazon, european commission

European Commission begins antitrust investigation into Amazon

Antitrust laws exist to stop big companies from creating monopolies - with a new antitrust investigation into Amazon, the European Commission raises growing concerns of legal missteps by the tech giant.
work stress and burnout, organisation

Research explores the vicious cycle of work stress and burnout

Researchers found that work stress and burnout can result in an increasingly desperate cycle, especially with a global pandemic increasing economic pressures.
flexible working, diversity

Diversity, inclusion and flexible working is the new normal

Tushar Agarwal, Co-founder and CEO of HubbleHQ, discusses how flexible working has neutralised decades of work limitations that are often tangled up with race and socioeconomic status.
clean growth projects

Government invests £134 million into clean growth projects

The UK Government has invested £134 million into businesses to develop ground-breaking clean growth projects and create more jobs.
UK winter lockdown, tier

UK winter lockdown: What are the new rules for November?

The UK winter lockdown was leaked on Friday night, with a hasty press conference assembled on Saturday - so what are the new rules and why was this introduced so late?
public transport industry, COVID-19

Enterprise-grade wireless connectivity in the public transport industry

Mark Page, Cradlepoint, discusses how the public transport industry could change via the use of enterprise-grade wireless connectivity.
flexible workspace

Are flexible workspaces the answer to Britain’s ailing high street?

Richard Morris, director at technologywithin, explores whether flexible workspaces could be the solution for ailing retailers.
R&D tax credits

The Information and Communications sector thrives from R&D Tax Credits

Barrie Dowsett from Myriad Associates explores how R&D Tax Credits have enabled the Information and Communications sector to thrive since 2017.
Cyber Security issues, EHJ & SJ consultancy

Solving all your Cyber Security issues

Here, EHJ & SJ Consultancy discuss the convergence of the Digital Transformation Era with Cyber Security.
Personal Service Company

Advice for contractors closing down their Personal Service Company

John Bell, chartered accountant, insolvency practitioner and Director of Clarke Bell, shares his advice for contractors who are faced with the decision of closing down their Personal Service Company (PSC).
company audits

How important are early company audits?

In this finance focus, we consider why early company audits are so important for business credibility and increasing investment.
expense management, public sector

Digitally transforming: The future of expense management in the public sector

Rob Harrison, Managing Direct of UK and Ireland at SAP Concur, discusses the future of expense management in the public sector.
continuity and succession

Why continuity and succession planning is crucial for businesses right now

Chris Allen, a Chartered Wealth Planner at Arbuthnot Latham, explains why it is crucial for businesses to review continuity and succession plans at this current time.
Parental support

Parental support is for life, not just for parental leave

Lucinda Quigley, Head of Working Parents at Talking Talent, discusses the ways in which businesses can support their working parents beyond the initial stage of parenthood and help them establish a healthy work-life balance.
exceptional customer service

The art of delivering exceptional customer service in times of crisis

Joanna Swash, CEO of Moneypenny, shares how businesses can ensure that they deliver exceptional customer service during these unsettling times.
furloughed staff

What is the best way to ‘re-onboard’ furloughed staff?

Paul Sleath, CEO at PEO Worldwide, explores what the best approach is when handling the re-onboarding process of furloughed staff.

How to stay Off-Payroll compliant so that firms can hire with confidence

Dave Chaplin, CEO of IR35 Shield and author of IR35 & Off-Payroll Explained, urges hirers to act now and prepare for the new Off-Payroll legislation.
second lockdown

5 tips to pivot your business in anticipation of a second lockdown

Mike Jordan, CEO of Summit Defence, has put together five tips to help your business not only survive a second lockdown but thrive.

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