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UK government council building

UK Government creates a ‘Net Zero Council’ to support key sectors

In line with the UK’s plans to reduce carbon emissions and transition to a circular economy, the recently created Net Zero Council aims to develop greener practices.
recycling electronic waste

Electronic waste: Blockchain improves customer experience and drives sustainability

Blockchain can enable more efficient and environmentally friendly recycling programs, ensuring that electronic waste is disposed of properly.
A 96 well robot is dispensing a liquid into a 384 well dish

€215.5 million to propel Europe’s circular bio-based economy

The CBU JU has announced its second call to further the circular bio-based economy and its respective European industries. With €215.5 million across 18 topics up for grabs, what are the real details?
Near Esbjerg, Denmark, is a powerplant based on burning litter

Unlocking the future of circular bioeconomy in Europe

Open Access Government provides an update on Europe’s circular bioeconomy, which brings together various actors from bio-based industries, ranging from farmers to scientists, to solve technological, regulatory and market challenges.
local business

5 Ideas on how local government can support local business

The SMEs sector decreased in both number and turnover and most of the business owners are not overly optimistic looking forward and plan to downsize their businesses.
Small red house surrounded by beautiful grassy dunes under a sunset on the Danish west coast

Climate change efforts in Denmark’s Ministry of Environment

Denmark’s Ministry of Environment is leading the nation’s efforts on climate change mitigation and developing a circular economy.
Person holding smartphone above pile of damaged smartphones

How the government’s Critical Minerals Strategy will impact tech supply chains

The circular economy must be at the heart of the government’s Critical Minerals Strategy in order for it to be successful, says Steve Haskew.
Modern urban wastewater and sewage treatment plant with aeration tanks, industrial water recycling and purification.

What is reclaimed water and why is it dangerous?

Health risks are associated with reclaimed water that is used for road cleaning, greenfield irrigation and landscape fountains.
Indigenous Greenland people standing in group in traditional clothing

Greenland’s Indigenous population supports sand extraction

Greenland's Indigenous population supports sand extraction and exports amid a rapidly growing global demand for these resources.
Cagliari bay, Italian city view of the ocean

European cities compete for sustainability and green change

The European Green Capital and Green Leaf Awards are competitions for European cities which are improving the environment.
Floating globe art on the water on September 5, 2012 in Amsterdam. The art was made from plastic bottles and other junk collected around the city by Peter Singer.

Horizon Europe: Six European cities piloting solutions for circular waste

European cities are moving towards becoming fully circular – not only recycling all their waste but also changing their production modes to fit circular waste models.
bio-based industries in europe, research & innovation

Research & innovation for bio-based industries in Europe

Philippe Mengal, Executive Director at CBE JU ‐ Circular Bio‐based Europe Joint Undertaking, charts the priorities for a strategic research & innovation agenda for competitive bio-based industries in Europe.
sustainable development, innovative technologies

IRODDI: New strategies for a sustainable development

Olga Gómez de Miranda, Scientific researcher from TECNALIA illustrates the innovative technologies and strategies in place to improve sustainable development.
sustainable public sector, net zero

Why technology is key to a more sustainable public sector

Creating a sustainable public sector requires going net zero, instilling a circular economy, and increasing assurance in the supply chain.
sustainable finance, financial sector

£1.2 million sustainable finance pledge against greenhouse gases

The Bank of America and the University of Oxford pledge £1.2 million to support greenhouse gas removal and sustainable finance research.
sustainable sand

Creating sustainable sand: A solution to mineral waste?

Researchers have found that a step-change in mineral processing may drastically reduce mineral waste, while creating a source of sustainable sand.
sustainable framework, wastewater

A sustainable framework could make cities more water efficient and affordable

A sustainable framework can help to design efficient cities - with systems that supply affordable and accessible wastewater treatment, cooling, heating, and electricity.
climate-neutral economy, pollution

EU Green Deal: Transformation towards a climate-neutral economy by 2050

The European Commission is modernising the Industrial Emissions Directive by updating the rules to transition towards a climate-neutral economy and fostering innovation against emissions.
sustainable resources

Europe’s ambitions to protect people and the planet through sustainable resources

Open Access Government map out some of European Commissioner for Environment, Oceans and Fisheries, Virginijus Sinkevičius’ priorities towards a Circular Economy Action Plan, promoting the use of sustainable resources
organic waste, biogas

Unlocking organic waste to get to a greener future, sooner

Robert Dysiewicz, World Biogas Association Advisory Council Member discusses how the transition to a new era of waste management will align with a circular economy,

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