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industrial cloud

Microchips & industrial cloud/edge computing technologies

Johannes Bahrke, European Commission Coordinating Spokesperson for Digital Economy, Research and Innovation spoke to Open Access Government about the next generation of microchips and industrial cloud/edge computing technologies.

Be a Cloud Continuum Competitor – STEP 2 in Business Success 2022

OGEL IT discuss the migration to Cloud services and how this has helped to level the playing field between SMEs and larger companies.
unified communication, switch-off

ISDN / PSTN Switch-Off: Time is running out, are you prepared?

Segmentation Group, the authority in data analytics and telecoms management, discuss the ever-present need for control and cost reduction, alongside preparations leading up to the ISDN / PSTN Switch-Off.
Why Cloud Technologies is STEP 1 in Business Success 2021

Why Cloud Technologies is STEP 1 in Business Success 2021

OGEL IT discuss the role of cloud technologies in business following the COVID-19 pandemic and the push for digital transformation.
digital evolution

What is the difference between digital transformation and digitisation?

Digital transformation is the process of leveraging digitisation to transform business outcomes. So, what is the difference? Jason Chester, Director of Global Channel Programs, InfinityQS, explains here.
agile financial management

How agile financial management can facilitate frontline delivery

Simon Gray, Head of Finance and Operations at Agilisys, discusses how modern agile financial management systems can enhance strategic decision making in the public sector.
digital demand

How can the NHS keep up with skyrocketing digital demand?

Satpal Biant, Head of Public Sector, UK & Ireland SAP, explores why the NHS must keep up with digital demand while reducing costs and improve service continuity for a truly integrated healthcare asset to be formed.
technology-enabled change programmes

Removing routes to failure in technology-enabled change programmes

Dr Grainne Watson, Chief Digital Officer of Searchlight Consulting, highlights the importance of preparation and alignment when planning a successful technology-enabled change programme.
cloud modern backup, FCS

The effect of cloud on modern backup

Jeremy Wyatt, Operations Director at FCS, considers the effect of cloud on modern backup.
hybrid cloud strategy

Why the public sector should embrace a hybrid cloud strategy

Jon Lucas, C-director of Hyve Managed Hosting, explains why the number of organisations in the public sector adopting a hybrid cloud strategy is growing, analyses what this shift means to these organisations.
talking about data

Why is everyone talking about data ?

Everyone is talking about data and  Adrian Cooper, field CTO for NetApp Public Sector, is here to tell us why it has become so important.
public sector technology procurement, zoocha

Open source software: Breaking the mould for public sector technology procurement

Will Huggins, CEO of Zoocha, explores how open source has come of age and is rewriting the rule book on technology procurement in Government.
procure IT services

CCS frameworks to procure IT services

Afshin Attari, Senior Director, Public Sector & Unified Platforms, Exponential-e, explains why CCS frameworks are a flexible & assured route to procure IT services.
modern data protection

Advancing digital transformation and modern data protection

2020 was a year of IT change. Jeremy Wyatt, Operations Director at FCS explains how the last year has affected IT, Digital Transformation and modern data protection strategy.
digital transformation public services, DOS 5

Supporting the digital transformation of public services

We spoke to Prahlad Koti, Partner at Netcompany, to garner his thoughts on how the Digital Outcomes & Specialists 5 (DOS 5) framework supports the digital transformation of public services.
public sector IT, red hat

The public sector ‘opens up’: How public sector IT embraced open source

James Lovegrove, Public Policy Director at Red Hat, explains how public sector IT embraced open source software - going from largely passive users, to active contributors.
COVID digital transformation

Managing COVID with digital transformation

Digital transformation can help you manage the true cost of COVID, in the view of Sally Murdoch, Public Sector Director at Unit4.
remote-first workforce, digital

Workplace technology design for a remote-first workforce

David Turner, Managing Director of MSC Digital, outlines the key features of technology design to ensure your organisation can support a complete or partial remote-first workforce.
Procurement frameworks for IT

Procurement frameworks for IT don’t deliver true out-of-the-box functionality

Hannah Paterson, Principal Consultant at Step5, argues that procurement frameworks for IT may need external expertise for smooth implementation.
change programme, digital transformation

Setting up ERP and other technology-enabled change programmes for success

Bryan Oak, Chief Operating Officer of Searchlight Consulting, highlights the importance of preparation and alignment when planning a successful ERP-based, or any technology-enabled change programme.

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