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Unlocking the power of the public sector cloud

Duncan Gillingwater, Regional Director, Public Sector UK&I, Dynatrace, discusses why the transition to the public sector cloud needs to happen, now.
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Public sector achievements: Becoming a key driver of change

To prevent progress from slipping backwards, it’s important to reflect on public sector achievements and how it can maintain the tempo of transformation in the workplace.
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Why top business performers are adopting cloud computing

Enterprises considering adopting cloud computing are increasingly realizing the cloud’s tremendous value potential – up to $3 trillion globally by 2025.
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The digital transformation journey: A guide from a G-Cloud framework supplier

As a G-Cloud framework supplier and quality assurance specialist, we understand that when embarking on a Digital Transformation (DT) journey, organisations need to augment their IT and digital teams to meet the demand of such a large undertaking.
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G-Cloud public and private sector collaboration challenges

Mike Braithwaite, Managing Director at MDB, walks us through bridging the UK innovation gap, focussing on G-Cloud & the challenges around public and private sector collaboration.
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Mobile Device Management: How to implement an effective MDM strategy

Developing a sound Mobile Device Management system is essential to minimise security risk and enhance digital mobility.
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How public cloud computing can help the public sector achieve net zero targets

Why migrating to public cloud computing is essential to achieve Net Zero targets and drive meaningful change in the UK public sector.
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Private-public collaboration and data visibility necessary to fight cloud attacks

As the number of cyber attacks on cloud platforms and applications increases, organisations need more collaboration and data visibility.
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How AI and cloud-native can help fight the recession

AI and cloud native technologies could help the UK public sector to brace itself for the recession, as well as support growth in times of uncertainty.
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Water utility providers need digital transformation to maintain water resilience

Water resilience in the time of climate change is essential, but how can water utility providers better deliver this? – Digital transformation is the key.
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What cybersecurity trends can we expect to see in 2023

As organisations become increasingly digital, adopting new technologies, applications and services, what can we expect from cybersecurity in the next 12 months?
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Crown Commercial Service: G-Cloud 13 & DOS6 updates

Open Access Government provides an update on the Crown Commercial Service agreements G-Cloud 13 and DOS6.
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Nuix becomes a supplier of the CCS G-Cloud 13 framework

Nuix forensic software will now be available on the UK Government’s innovative G-Cloud 13 framework procurement platform.
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Achieving data sovereignty compliance in a multicloud environment

More public bodies are shifting to cloud models, with data sovereignty being one of the key compliance issues they face - but what are the risks of a multicloud environment?
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How open source software is transforming public sector culture as well as digital services

Will Huggins, CEO of Zoocha, reflects on the growing influence of open source software across public sector organisations and teams.

Risk management applications – Buyer advice for effective investment

Well-targeted investment in risk management software applications can yield significant benefits for decision-making and efficiency.
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Cloudy with a chance of success: Moving your contact centre to the cloud

Cloud is transforming organisations, unleashing $1 trillion in value for Fortune 500 companies - now, it's time to move it to contact centres.
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The future of open source in 2023

Ann Schlemmer, CEO of Percona, discusses the future of open source in 2023, including why platforms will matter more.
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Why must the public sector move to cloud services?

The public sector must move to cloud services or risk falling behind the digital revolution currently underway.
Sensing and computing challenges

Sensing and computing challenges for enhanced data integrity

This eBook presents academic ultra-clean scientific environments and the corresponding digital transformation challenges of these environments, especially the computer science challenges to provide enhanced scientific data integrity.

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