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the dinner table test, islamophobia

Islamophobia still passes “the dinner-table test”

In 2011, Baroness Sayeeda Warsi said that Islamophobia passed "the dinner table test" - ten years later, Islamophobia accounts for 45% of documented religious hate crimes.
least stressful city, most stressful city

Research shows Helsinki is least stressful city in the world

According to data on light pollution, LGBT safety and living costs, Helsinki is the least stressful city in the world - with 0% of the population living in poverty.
grenfell unsafe cladding, grenfell developers

UK changes post-Grenfell plan for unsafe cladding

After the Grenfell tower tragedy in 2017, the UK failed to remove unsafe cladding across the country - now, the Government has a new proposal for developers.

The pandemic has put community resilience at a crossroads

Chris Clarke, Policy Researcher at HOPE not hate, explains how COVID impacts community resilience - especially when it comes to far right politics.
vaccine hesitancy in black communities, housing insecurity

Study connects housing insecurity to vaccine hesitancy in Black communities

Research by Augusta University, published in Vaccines, found that housing insecurity is connected to vaccine hesitancy in Black communities - especially when it comes to the younger population.
suicide risk disparities, lgbt adults

Study finds suicide risk disparities in LGBT adults

A study identifies suicide risk disparities amongst lesbian, gay, and bisexual adults, with differences based on sexuality, gender, age, and race.
ecology and conservation, diversity in ecology

New data highlights lack of diversity in ecology and conservation

Out of the top authors in ecology and conservation journals, 11% were by women and 75% of the articles focused on five countries in the Global North.
life expectancy decrease, COVID life expectancy

Researchers say COVID created largest life expectancy decrease since WWII

According to Oxford University researchers, COVID created the largest life expectancy decrease since WWII - with 93.1% of countries seeing a significant decline.
improve health outcomes, type 2 diabetes

Researchers say new way of classifying race can improve diabetes outcomes

South Asians have the highest rate of type 2 diabetes in the UK, due to a mix of racial and socioeconomic factors - now, researchers say that a more nuanced method of classifying race could improve their health outcomes.
social value portal, procurement

Social value: More red tape or a step forward?

Guy Battle from Social Value Portal considers the recent updates around procurement and social value: but is this more red tape or a step forward?
covid-19 emerging markets

The challenge of COVID-19 for emerging markets

Adam Heuman, Vice-President Global Development and Communication, EMpower – The Emerging Markets Foundation, sheds light on the challenge of COVID-19 for emerging markets.
trauma informed care, american college of surgeons

Surgeons say trauma informed care can “break cycle of violence”

According to the American College of Surgeons, trauma informed care can help to "break the cycle of violence" - surgeons are usually the first healthcare professional to treat victims of violence.
rural mobility

‘30-minute rural community’ – The next steps in levelling up rural mobility

Giles Perkins, Head of Future Mobility at WSP, outlines and introduces a new report that highlights the opportunities to make rural communities more connected.
neighbourhood disadvantage, structural racism

Researchers link “neighbourhood disadvantage” to higher COVID infections

A study on New York City neighbourhoods found that "neighbourhood disadvantage", a mix of inequality measurements, is connected to a higher rate of COVID-19 cases.
NHS burnout, mental health, NHS staff

Committee report finds NHS “burnout is widespread reality”

After months of COVID, the psychological impact on staff emerges as a shadow pandemic - today (8 June), a Health Select Committee report finds that NHS "burnout is widespread reality".
increase antimicrobial resistance, microbiome

Study says international travel increases antimicrobial resistance

A new study confirms that antimicrobial resistance increases as people travel internationally, with one scientist commenting that the world faces "a worrisome problem on the horizon".
crime levels, COVID

Crime levels dropped 37% in COVID lockdowns across different countries

According to research by Cambridge University, urban crime levels dropped roughly 37% over COVID lockdowns - across 23 different countries in Europe, the Americas, Asia and the Middle East.
meeting places

Creating caring meeting places

Romy Rawlings, Commercial Director at Vestre Ltd, discusses the right to public access for everyone, and the importance of fostering a sustainable, accessible and inclusive community spirit.
conflict management, gangs

Research focus: Mediation for conflict management

Mediation is a resource for conflict management and may improve the relationships between gangs and the community, according to research from Carles Feixa & José Sánchez-García.
children emotional skills, childhood abuse

Research finds abused parents do not teach children emotional skills

A study by the University of Georgia finds that parents who experience childhood mistreatment can fail to teach their children emotional skills.

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