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Cyber Crime meaning computer-orientated crime is on the rise. Over the last six years there have been over 3 billion record breaches. Cyber Crimes can be described as actions committed against a group or an individual with criminal motive to intentionally damage the people involved. Regardless of whether you run a business or have a mobile phone, everyone is at risk of a cyber attack. Cyber Crimes that cross the borders of countries and threaten foreign organisations are sometimes referred to as Cyberwarfare.

Forms of Cyber Crimes

These Crimes can come in many different forms most common of which being, Phishing, File Hijacker, Screenshot manager, Hacking etc.
Therefore considering the rapid increase of Cyber Crime, it is essential that cyber security professionals keep updated with development and learning how to prevent and recover from attacks.



Protecting the UK from the increasing cyber threat

Ciaran Martin, CEO of the NCSC, discusses how the UK and international partners are pushing back against state and criminal cyber aggression to help make the UK digital homeland significantly safer
digital crime

How can UK law enforcement join forces to combat digital crime?

John Wright, Senior Industry Director, Unisys details how UK law enforcement can join forces to combat today’s digital crime.
cybersecurity pressures

New report uncovers key drivers steadily increasing cybersecurity pressures

Global survey and analysis of IT and Security Professionals reveal cybersecurity pressures are up for a fifth consecutive year, however, marked improvements in security best practices are turning the tide

Airports are ill-equipped to deal with a major cyber-attacks

Research conducted by PA Consulting Group reveals that most airports are ill-equipped to deal with a major cyber-attack.

UK companies still struggling to take action a year after WannaCry

One year after WannaCry infected over 200,000 computers in 150 countries globally, 40% of respondents say their organisation is more exposed than it was a year ago
cyber security export strategy

Government announces new cyber security export strategy to protect UK and allies

International Trade Secretary Dr Liam Fox launched the government’s new Cyber Security Export Strategy (Monday 26 March) to promote the UK’s world-leading expertise and strengthen defence capabilities in the UK and allied countries
security strategy

New research reveals organisations fail to change security strategy after a cyber attack

CyberArk survey findings show organisations are failing to secure privileged accounts and credentials in the cloud, on endpoints and across IT environments
phishing scammers

More than £100,000 of Students’ loans has been stolen by phishing scammers

Study reveals students have been targeted more than 500 times by phishing scammers in two academic years
developing technology

Legal expert warns that AI could lead to more sophisticated cyber attacks

A new report of artificial intelligence claims that the rapidly developing technology could pose a threat to established systems of government and commerce
cyber security budget

Over 50% of businesses increased their cyber security budget amid attacks

According to a recent report, 53% of businesses say their cyber security budget has increased over the last year due to an increase in cyber-attacks
ransomware attacks

Ransomware attacks cost public sector £369,000

A study by Sophos Global has revealed the extent to which businesses are at risk of repeated ransomware attacks and exploits The State of Endpoint Security Today, a survey conducted by Sophos, polled more than 2,000 IT decision makers from mid-sized public and private sector organisations in 10 countries worldwide...
criminal money

Billions of criminal money laundered through cryptocurrencies

Three to four billion pounds of criminal money in Europe is being laundered through cryptocurrencies, according to Europol Europol, the European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Cooperation, estimates that about 3-4% of the £100bn in illegal proceeds in Europe are laundered through cryptocurrencies. Europol’s director Rob Wainwright has said that regulators...

Financial institutions need to prepare against cyber attacks

Nick Hammond comments on the cyber readiness of major bank's infrastructure in response to the Hiscox Cyber Readiness Report The need for financial institutions to be prepared against cyber attacks is doubly pressing this year, following a raft of new regulations. These have shifted the mandate from one of the...
cryptocurrency markets

Regulation within cryptocurrency markets

Alexander Larsen from the Institute of Risk Management (IRM) provides an in-depth look at the state of play concerning regulation within cryptocurrency markets According to Reuters: “Japan’s financial regulator said on 2nd February it had ordered all crypto - currency exchanges to submit a report on their system risk management,...
siloed data

UK police officers at risk of losing up to 28 days a year due...

New research reveals that ineffective data management may be costing police valuable time UK police officers could be losing up to 28 working days a year due to siloed data, according to new research released by Dods Group PLC in partnership with MarkLogic Corporation. The study was conducted to explore how police...

Japan suffers biggest cryptocurrency heist

Japan is clamping down on cryptocurrency exchanges after suffering one of the biggest cyber attacks The Financial Service Agency (FSA) has said that they will be inspecting all exchanges and put pressure on Coincheck after $534m (£378m) of cryptocurrency was stolen by hackers. Coincheck, a cryptocurrency wallet and exchange service, have...
New Knowledge

Supporting research and new knowledge

Martin Ince discusses the Economic and Social Research Council’s (ESRC) support for research and new knowledge In April, the Economic and Social Research Council will become one of nine bodies making up a new organisation in British public life, UK Research and Innovation. One of its aims will be to...
future of finance

Secure Cloudlink wins UBS future of finance 2017 challenge

Secure Cloudlink's new and unique approach to digital security wins UBS future of finance 2017 challenge In the annual competition, which seeks out innovations and ideas that have the power to transform how banks serve their clients, Secure Cloudlink's unique technology platform has been acknowledged as a game changer. The Secure Cloudlink solution...
Bitcoin hackers

Bitcoin hackers steal millions in ‘highly professional’ theft

Slovenian mining exchange NiceHash was targeted by 'professional' Bitcoin hackers who stole 4700 coins worth around $80 million
bitcoin crackdown

UK and EU plan Bitcoin crackdown over tax evasion fears

As the cryptocurrency hovers around the $10,000 mark, the UK and EU are threatening a bitcoin crackdown to prevent tax evasion and cybercrime

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