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NHS tech

COVID-19: Surge in the use of NHS tech in 2020

Ben Davison, NHS Digital’s Executive Director for Product Development, explains how the coronavirus pandemic prompts a surge in the number of people using NHS tech in 2020.
data and technology

How governments can build on the use of data and tech in fighting COVID-19

George Atalla, EY Global Government & Infrastructure Leader, explores the effect that COVID-19 has had on the use of data and technology in healthcare.
technological efficiency

Is technological efficiency the key to the NHS hitting net-zero?

Edward Belgeonne, founder, & CEO Bantham Technologies, discusses how innovative technology is key to hitting net-zero and creating more time to care in the NHS.
health framework

CCS and NHS digital launch Digital Capability for Health framework

Crown Commercial Service's have announced that there new Digital Capability for Health framework in collaboration with NHS Digital is now live.
patient communications, NHS

The vital role of patient communications in the UK’s vaccination hubs

Paul Bensley, Managing Director at X-on, discusses how patient communications could be the only way to solve complex logistical considerations for mass vaccination.

NHS awarded £7.5 million to digitally schedule shifts

Government allocates £7.5 million to NHS hospitals, clinics and pharmacies across 38 trusts to implement digital shift planning.

On the fast-track to reimbursement: Germany unlocks business opportunities for digital health innovators

Prof. Dr. Freimut Schliess discusses digital health innovation in Germany, tackling larger public health challenges being faced.
healthcare workforce

Collaboration is key to shaping the future digital healthcare workforce

Hazel Jones, Head of Health, Made Tech, explores how collaboration can help the NHS develop its future digital workforce.
remote clinical trials, digital tools

The rise of real-world data and digital tools: Conducting remote clinical trials in a...

Here, Mark Clements, MD PhD, paediatric endocrinologist, clinical investigator, and chief medical officer at Glooko Inc. takes part in a Q&A regarding his perspectives on remote clinical trials and data management tools.
patient care, NHS

Helping NHS Trusts increase efficiency and improve patient care

Rob Hurrell, Business Development Director at Aire Logic, explores how technology supports the vision of a Paperless NHS and improves patient care.
detection of dementia, EC screen

A digital cognitive test for the detection of dementia in older people

Timothy Kwok, Professor at The Chinese University of Hong Kong, tells us about the Electronic Cognitive Screen (EC-Screen) that gives a brief and user-friendly digital cognitive test for the detection of dementia in older people.
virtual care management

Beyond the digital healthcare chasm

Here, José Bastos, Director at knok, explores how virtual care management will be fundamental to digital transformation within the healthcare sector.
save the NHS, digital

Why COVID might actually save the NHS

The rise of the virtual ward is charted here by Max Mckiernan, L2S2’s Marketing Manager and Jane Aldridge, Co-Founder/CBDO/CFO, including analysis of why COVID may save the NHS.
remote patient monitoring, health

Secure remote patient monitoring for improved health efficiency

Here, we discover that SymlConnect digitises the paper-processes, offering remote monitoring to improve efficiency in care monitoring and reducing the waiting list exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic.
end health inequalities, health tech

Can the right technology end health inequalities?

Technology is becoming more pervasive, becoming increasingly integrated into our lives as the days pass - can it help to end health inequalities?
health procurement

Public sector health procurement: Spark DPS

Helen Dempster, Founder of Karantis360, explores the benefits of Spark DPS and what future developments are required to improve the public sector health procurement journey even further.
Healthcare delivery

COVID-19: Healthcare delivery and digital solutions

Fintan Grant, NHS Digital’s Programme Head for Medicines and Pharmacy charts the recent change in the speed of healthcare delivery in light of COVID-19 including the importance of digital solutions.

NHS can save £75 million per year via historic new data network

The NHS have completed the largest public sector migration to a new data network - meaning that organisations will have a better connectivity at a better cost.
AI in Health and Care Award

Applications for the second round of the AI in Health and Care Award open

The NHS has announced that applications for the second round of the AI in Health and Care Award are now open.
GP consultations

Are remote GP consultations here to stay?

Dr Owain Rhys Hughes, founder and CEO of Cinapsis, explores how remote GP consultations are providing opportunities for both patients and the NHS.

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