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doctor looking stressed over technology

New NHS healthcare deal may lead to higher costs and lower quality tech

A new NHS healthcare deal looking to merge health tech among data specialists could result in lower quality, more expensive software in the NHS.
person with depression on their phone

How did ‘virtual visits’ to the doctor help depression care in the US?

The ‘virtual visits’ which transpired following the shift to telemedicine during COVID-19 restrictions improved depression care in quality and in quantity.
digital identity and profile cyber crime

Healthcare’s road to recovery: why identity security is critical

Months after a ransomware attack hit parts of the NHS, the effects are still being felt – how can better identity security improve safety?
man with diabetes taking a blood test

What we need to know about living with diabetes

Abbas Kanani, Superintendent Pharmacist at Chemist Click Online Pharmacy, walks us through what we need to know about living with diabetes, starting with a comment on prediabetes.

MRI rental VS ownership: What are the benefits?

Matthew Bradfield, Managing Director at Fairford Medical Ltd considers the potential benefits of MRI rental as opposed to ownership.
Pills and prescription on a smartphone isolated on green background. 3d illustration

Digital medication audits: Transforming outdated processes & improving efficiency

Can the implementation of digital medication audits improve data transparency and accessibility, while reducing medication incidents and improving outcomes?
Doctor on a healthcare app

NHS Digital launches an online tech community for patient support

NHS Digital is initiating a new online tech community, to further collaboration between health and tech professionals and the general public.

Bioelectronic technology: the future of healthcare

Rick Rowan, CEO and founder of NuroKor Bioelectronics, tells us about how bioelectronic technology is changing the future of healthcare.
Close up man hand smoking cigarette

Could a smart necklace help you stop smoking?

A smart necklace that tracks heat signatures from lit cigarettes in real time could help individuals to stop smoking and avoid relapsing.

Dementia care needs are causing immense pressure

Dementia care needs are warping residential homes’ resilience and creating immense societal pressure - could the NHS-assured KareInn app help?
mental health solutions

Mental health solutions: can ethics, accessibility and evidence successfully coexist in digital tools?

Dr Anna Mandeville, UK Clinical Director and Dr Aleksandar Matic, R&D Director at Koa Health, discuss the inherent challenges private medical insurers and employers face in finding mental health solutions that successfully combine ethics, accessibility and strong science to support mental wellbeing.
Radiology scan

Unnecessary delays in radiology are crippling the NHS

Delays in radiology are hamstringing the already overstretched NHS and prevent clinicians from providing timely diagnoses and treatment to their patients.
A person using the NHS healthcare smartphone app

NHS Digital is merging with NHS England, what does this mean?

News that NHS England has assumed responsibility for all NHS Digital and all its previous activities has been announced, with more merges on the horizon.
Ambulance vans front of Guy`s Hospital - one of largest medical / teaching facility

At-home emergency ‘virtual wards’ could reduce NHS waiting times

The government are drafting an ‘Urgent and Emergency Care Plan’ to combat the long NHS waiting times and its impact on patients – with the use of technology.
Stethoscope by a computer keyboard

How can speech recognition redefine patient care?

Speech recognition solutions could tackle the administrative burden of clinical documentation, and help deliver better-informed patient treatment.
woman working on an EHR in a hospital

What are the benefits of custom EHR over the standard?

In over a decade, electronic health records (EHR) solutions have become an indispensable tool for the healthcare industry players.
A set of screen-printed electrodes

Making wearable electronics less expensive with screen printing

A breakthrough in screen printing may allow scientists to create the structures that power wearable electronics faster and cheaper than ever.
cardiac arrest patient gripping chest

Healthcare app to assess out-of-hospital cardiac arrest patients

A prototype healthcare app aims to revolutionise treatment for patients who suffer a cardiac arrest outside of a hospital.

Elderly care and digital health in Scotland

The priorities of Scottish Government Health Secretary Humza Yousaf MSP, especially elderly care and digital health, are underlined here by Open Access Government.
medical fridge

Why advancements in medical fridges are vital for the healthcare industry

The vast increase in vaccine production throughout 2020 and 2021 meant the demand for reliable medical fridges also grew rapidly.

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