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planned care

Eyes on Planned Care

In a previous article, Lisa Riley, Vice President of Strategic Product and Partnership Development for VitalHub UK, cited how digital healthcare is helping to transform the NHS through whole system integration in planned care, here Stuart Jeffery talks from a customer perspective.
digital transformation nhs

Partnership is the key to unlocking transformation in digital healthcare

Professor Sultan Mahmud, Director of Healthcare for BT’s Enterprise unit, discusses how BT is redefining its healthcare ambitions through co-creating NHS-first solutions with its vanguard partners.
transfers of care

Tackling the challenge of delayed transfers of care

Clint Schick, Chief Executive, Strata Health UK, describes a software system that has made the manual process...digital – freeing up staff time & improving patient care.

Let’s do the Time Warp again: May the apps be with you

Katrina Delargy from TIYGA Health explores the key to achieving the full potential of smartphone apps in healthcare
technological advances diabetes

Can technological advances optimise diabetes management?

Research Director, Chemicals and Advanced Materials at TechVision, Frost & Sullivan, explores if technological advances optimise diabetes management
mental health post pandemic

Let’s Get Digital: Supporting the Nation’s Mental Health in a Post-Pandemic World

Tim Barker, CEO at Kooth discusses the crucial role digital solutions will play in the post-pandemic recovery, particularly regarding mental health.
digital identity trends

Top 5 digital identity trends injecting trust back into governance

Here, Robert Zapfel iov42 Founder, outlines the top 5 digital identity trends that are injecting trust back into governance and enterprise
cyber security issues, NHS digital

How healthcare stayed cyber-healthy in a pandemic

Toby Griffiths, Head of Innovation and Delivery for NHS Digital’s Data Security Centre, discusses how NHS Digital tackled cyber security issues
breast cancer patients, home test

Finalising a home test kit for breast cancer patients

A home test kit enabling patients with Breast cancer to test their blood nears its final development stages, with support from the NHS and inventors Entia and Pfizer.
NHS login

Half of public in England have registered with NHS login

Almost 28 million people in England have registered with NHS login and more than 16 million have signed up for the NHS App, according to the latest statistics from NHS Digital.
work hours, NHS, microsoft teams

Microsoft Teams saves NHS staff 2.9 million work hours

A study has shown that thousands of work hours have been freed up for NHS staff since Microsoft Teams has been implemented.
future of pathology

Driving the digital-first future of pathology through partnerships

Afshin Attari, Senior Director of Public Sector & Unified Platforms at Exponential-e, describes driving the digital-first future of pathology through partnerships.
anxiety and depression

Psychologists report increase in demand for anxiety and depression treatment

Psychologists have reported an increase in the demand for treatment of anxiety and depression since the start of the pandemic.
remote or hybrid

A remote future for healthcare 

Clare Aris, senior consultant, Entec Si, explores how the health care sector can implement remote or hybrid working while maintaining high standards of care.
population health management

How tech can support the UK in becoming a leader in health management

Gavin Bashar, UK MD at Tunstall Healthcare, discusses how technology can enable the UK to become a global leader in population health management.
data strategy

On life support: The NHS desperately needs to modernise its data strategy

NHS Digital decision-makers desperately need to modernise their data strategy. Here we look at how this can be done.
electronic healthcare records

Load balancing EHR for robust healthcare IT applications 

Optimising Electronic Healthcare Records (EHR) means maximising availability, performance and security - and that's where load balancers come in. George Booth, Healthcare Business Development Manager at Loadbalancer.org, tells us more.
Brainomix LTD

Brainomix – Stroke AI Imaging Solutions

Brainomix specialise in the creation of AI-powered imaging biomarkers that enable precision medicine for better treatment decisions
digital demand

How can the NHS keep up with skyrocketing digital demand?

Satpal Biant, Head of Public Sector, UK & Ireland SAP, explores why the NHS must keep up with digital demand while reducing costs and improve service continuity for a truly integrated healthcare asset to be formed.
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Open Access Government October 2021

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