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health procurement

Public sector health procurement: Spark DPS

Helen Dempster, Founder of Karantis360, explores the benefits of Spark DPS and what future developments are required to improve the public sector health procurement journey even further.
Healthcare delivery

COVID-19: Healthcare delivery and digital solutions

Fintan Grant, NHS Digital’s Programme Head for Medicines and Pharmacy charts the recent change in the speed of healthcare delivery in light of COVID-19 including the importance of digital solutions.

NHS can save £75 million per year via historic new data network

The NHS have completed the largest public sector migration to a new data network - meaning that organisations will have a better connectivity at a better cost.
AI in Health and Care Award

Applications for the second round of the AI in Health and Care Award open

The NHS has announced that applications for the second round of the AI in Health and Care Award are now open.
GP consultations

Are remote GP consultations here to stay?

Dr Owain Rhys Hughes, founder and CEO of Cinapsis, explores how remote GP consultations are providing opportunities for both patients and the NHS.
virtually connect

Prisoners to virtually connect with doctors under new NHS agreement

The NHS has signed a new national agreement that will allow prisoners to virtually connect with doctors at their local hospital.
digital presence

Developing an accessible digital presence with users in mind

Danny Bluestone, CEO of Cyber-Duck, stresses the importance of creating an accessible digital presence that is designed to put the user at the heart of the experience, particularly within governments.
Crowdsourcing technology

Crowdsourcing technology reinvents collaboration for UK diagnostics community

Here we explore how crowdsourcing technology has helped the NHS and the wider diagnostics community in their coronavirus response.
primary care

Establishing an “omnichannel” approach in primary care to support patient choice

A clearer balance between primary care communications channels is now emerging from the pandemic. While there are new questions on practice phone costs and patient inclusion, the aim should be for an “omnichannel” approach, argues Paul Bensley, managing director of X-on.

Empowering NHS change from the bottom-up

Deb Sutton and Dan Wadsworth from TeleTracking UK, argue that training frontline workers to make changes from bottom-up is key to achieving the full benefits of digital solutions within the NHS.
digital health solutions

Digital health solutions: Increasing efficiency through crises

Here, Business Development Director at Aire Logic, Rob Hurrell, explains how COVID-19 has helped us all to become agile and deliver better digital health solutions, faster.
patient services

How technology can help the NHS as it embraces ‘the new normal’

Dr Simon Wallace, chief clinical information officer, Nuance, discusses the challenges of reimaging patient services for the ‘new normal’ and the continued importance of enabling the most efficient process of clinical documentation.
lessons from COVID-19

Lessons from COVID-19: How can healthcare change for the better?

Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, Digital Healthcare Council members have mobilised at an unprecedented scale to support the NHS and social care, and its director, Graham Kendall, outlines here what has worked, and what needs to change.
adoption of technology

The adoption of technology in healthcare during the COVID-19 pandemic

Dr William Dawson, CEO of OneMedical Group – a national health and wellbeing company delivering NHS services, system leadership and consultancy across the UK – discusses the adoption of technology and opportunities in healthcare post COVID-19.
digital mental health therapy

The critical role of digital mental health therapy

Dr Lloyd Humphreys, clinical psychologist, NHS Innovation Accelerator alumnus and Head of Europe at SilverCloud Health, explores the aspects of delivering mental health services after COVID-19 and the important future role of digital mental health therapy.
digital twins

Digital twins – are they game-changers in clinical research and clinical care?

Prof Dr Freimut Schliess, Director of Science & Innovation at the Profil Institut für Stoffwechselforschung GmbH, explores if digital twins are game-changers in clinical research and clinical care.
remote care

Digital health, cancer and remote care

Zisis Kozlakidis from the International Agency for Research on Cancer and Symeon Psomiadis from the University of Athens, Greece lift the lid on digital health and cancer, including how remote care is being supported during COVID-19.

The evolution of healthcare: How can telehealth ease diabetes management?

Digital health company Glooko sees a paradigm shift in healthcare with increased remote monitoring and easier access to telehealth.
avoiding health inequity

Technology design could be key to avoiding health inequity

Lord Victor Adebowale, chair and co-founder of Visionable, discusses why getting technology design right could be key to avoiding health inequity, especially during the COVID-19 crisis.
managing cardiovascular disease

Managing cardiovascular disease during the COVID-19 pandemic

Dr Timothy Fairbairn, Consultant Cardiologist at Liverpool Heart & Chest Hospital and Dr Campbell Rogers, Chief Medical Officer at HeartFlow, discuss how cardiologists are responding to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and why digital innovation is crucial.

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