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Radiology scan

Unnecessary delays in radiology are crippling the NHS

Delays in radiology are hamstringing the already overstretched NHS and prevent clinicians from providing timely diagnoses and treatment to their patients.
A person using the NHS healthcare smartphone app

NHS Digital is merging with NHS England, what does this mean?

News that NHS England has assumed responsibility for all NHS Digital and all its previous activities has been announced, with more merges on the horizon.
Ambulance vans front of Guy`s Hospital - one of largest medical / teaching facility

At-home emergency ‘virtual wards’ could reduce NHS waiting times

The government are drafting an ‘Urgent and Emergency Care Plan’ to combat the long NHS waiting times and its impact on patients – with the use of technology.
Stethoscope by a computer keyboard

How can speech recognition redefine patient care?

Speech recognition solutions could tackle the administrative burden of clinical documentation, and help deliver better-informed patient treatment.
woman working on an EHR in a hospital

What are the benefits of custom EHR over the standard?

In over a decade, electronic health records (EHR) solutions have become an indispensable tool for the healthcare industry players.
A set of screen-printed electrodes

Making wearable electronics less expensive with screen printing

A breakthrough in screen printing may allow scientists to create the structures that power wearable electronics faster and cheaper than ever.
cardiac arrest patient gripping chest

Healthcare app to assess out-of-hospital cardiac arrest patients

A prototype healthcare app aims to revolutionise treatment for patients who suffer a cardiac arrest outside of a hospital.

Elderly care and digital health in Scotland

The priorities of Scottish Government Health Secretary Humza Yousaf MSP, especially elderly care and digital health, are underlined here by Open Access Government.
medical fridge

Why advancements in medical fridges are vital for the healthcare industry

The vast increase in vaccine production throughout 2020 and 2021 meant the demand for reliable medical fridges also grew rapidly.
Doctor on a healthcare app

Mobile rocket healthcare app: Supporting and aiding a healthier population

Mobile Rocket Healthcare assists in the NHS digital transformation strategy in the creation of an interactive digital app to promote a healthier population.

AI for mammography performance and quality enhancement

Lisa Johnston, PhD, Product Expert at Volpara Health, explains the use of AI for mammography performance and quality enhancement.

Digital solutions are key to delivering sustainable medicines

Dr Nazneen Rahman, Founder and CEO of YewMaker and Sustainable Medicines Partnership (SMP) Director describes why digital medicine information is essential for sustainable medicines.

Digital transformation at the point of care

Nicola Hall, the Director NAO Consultancy Ltd discusses the point of care under the advancement of technology and digital transformation.
digital transformation image

Can Digital Transformation in healthcare really transform?

Digital transformation offers many organisations the opportunity to reduce costs, offer superior service and certainly, in Healthcare, improve outcomes. Paul Grosvenor, MD at Optima Systems, an information technology company based in West Sussex, recounts his experiences to date.
Planting the seeds of value based care in the emergency department

Planting the seeds of value based care in the emergency department

This eBook covers the major challenges facing healthcare systems and how the potential role of artificial intelligence can support improved outcomes, financial savings and value-based care in the emergency room.
medical records

UK medical records success within the NHS

Dr Vijay Magon, Managing Director of CCube Solutions, demonstrates here how their project successes and expertise working with the NHS is providing cost-effective and scalable solutions, tailored to meet individual requirements.
Pharmacist holding medicine box and capsule pack in pharmacy drugstore

Tackling antimicrobial resistance: A digital approach

Reflecting on the recent World Antimicrobial Awareness Week (WAAW 2022), it’s evident that we must continue to raise better awareness and understanding of antimicrobial resistance, which is one of the top 10 global public health threats facing humanity.
Medicine on the background of patient in intensive care

Tackling the backlog to take pressure off frontline NHS services

Technology could reduce waiting times for secondary care to help relieve the pressure on the frontline NHS services this winter.
woman talking to lady psychologist

Beating the NHS backlog: Supporting those waiting for an autism assessment

The growing waiting lists for NHS care across the UK have impacted people waiting to receive autism assessments, but could digital tools help with this? 

How AI can help treat diseases such as cancer and stroke

Tim Wooller, Principal – Industrial Design, Sector Lead Healthcare, PDD, explores how AI can help treat diseases such as cancer and stroke.

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