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Data storage

Data storage anxiety could delay to the UK government’s digital ambitions

Steve Rafferty, UK and Ireland Manager, RingCentral, explains how leaders in government organisations can help to ease data storage anxiety through education.
digital innovation in 2021

COVID-19 has finally turned the tide on digital transformation

Ritam Gandhi, Founder and Director, Studio Graphene, discusses how and why large businesses are preparing to lead the charge when it comes to digital innovation in 2021.
tech procurement

Spark: A new direction for public sector tech procurement

Dan Howard, Category Commercial Agreement Manager, explains that Spark DPS is a new direction for public sector tech procurement.
Digital Outcomes and Specialists

Procurement: Digital transformation in the public sector

Crown Commercial Service explain how the Digital Outcomes and Specialists 5 procurement framework enables digital transformation of the public sector.
Sustainable technology

Sustainable technology in the age of a pandemic

Lecturer and Interdisciplinary Researcher Chad Manian examines the progress of sustainable IT in the age of the COVID-19 pandemic, and discusses digital transformation as a means of crisis response.
empowering governments, digitisation, digital

Empowering governments and their people through digitisation

Tracey Lethbridge, head of UK public sector at OpenText, discusses how digital technologies could empower governments and their people during the current pandemic and beyond.
CX Consulting

CX Consultants – improving your customer experience requirements

As Customer Experience Consultants with both client and vendor-side experience, we understand the challenges that both you and your customers can face.
local government digital transformation

Overcoming the fear of local government digital transformation

Glen Ocsko, head of local government at Made Tech, discusses why local council departments do not need to live in constant fear of technological innovation.
energy market

Disengagement in the energy market leaves SMEs paying over the odds

Rich Price, Managing Director, Tickd, explores why the energy market is broken for small business customers, leading many to switch less than they should, and how to rebuild it.
digital outcomes and specialists 5

CCS launches the Digital Outcomes and Specialists 5 (DOS 5) framework

3,340 suppliers have been awarded places on the Crown Commercial Service’s (CCS) Digital Outcomes and Specialists 5 (DOS 5) framework.
imaging database

New AI imaging database will improve COVID-19 diagnosis

Artificial intelligence (AI) will help speed up treatment and improve outcomes for patients hospitalised with COVID-19.
the luxury sector, fashion

The growing digital transformation of the luxury sector

It’s 2021, and today, almost every interaction happens through digital devices - what does this mean for the luxury sector? 
data integration

Data integration is vital to companies operating remotely

Lindsay Lucas, Managing Director, Software Solved, discusses why an intelligent approach to digital transformation can provide companies with complete, accurate, and real-time data, vital during remote working.
healthcare workforce

Collaboration is key to shaping the future digital healthcare workforce

Hazel Jones, Head of Health, Made Tech, explores how collaboration can help the NHS develop its future digital workforce.
January 2021

Open Access Government January 2021

The January 2021 edition of Open Access Government discusses global government policy issues, such as COVID-19, health & social care, research & innovation, digital transformation, economic development, agriculture, environment and energy.
virtual care management

Beyond the digital healthcare chasm

Here, José Bastos, Director at knok, explores how virtual care management will be fundamental to digital transformation within the healthcare sector.
Management consultancy

Launching a digital transformation consultancy in a pandemic

Tessiant introduces its new management consultancy to the public sector, focusing on digital transformation and business change.
improved forest management

Improved forest management through new technologies and digital transformation

Rasmus Astrup from TECH4EFFECT project and the Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research (NIBIO), details the rudiments of improved forest management through new technologies and digital transformation.
remote workforce

A new technology paradigm for your remote workforce

David Turner, Managing Director of MSC Digital, outlines a simple approach to transform your technology to support your remote workforce.
cultural sectors

How can Europe support its cultural recovery from COVID-19?

Open Access Government discovers how Mariya Gabriel, Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth, is prioritising the recovery of Europe’s cultural sectors as well as Research and Innovation.

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