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North America Analysis - NAA25 January 2023

North America Analysis January 2023

We welcome 2023 with our brand-new volume of North America Analysis. We hear from Dr Nora Volkow, Director of the U.S. National Institute on Drug Abuse, NIH, who highlights five areas where “more research” isn’t needed to curb the overdose crisis.
London city with data and computer programming information mapped over the skyline

What else can data centres be doing to be more sustainable?

How can data centres become more sustainable in an age when our digital lives demand increasing volumes of energy?
Tourists sightseeing the Hong Kong skyline at the Peak

The CX paradox: physical travel vs. digital travel

At a time when physical travel experiences are hitting an all time low, digital travel experiences have never been better.
intelligent robot arm used in modern factory

Can Intelligent Automation help business growth projections in 2023?

Economic uncertainty and worker dissatisfaction are plaguing business growth - is intelligent automation the answer?
High school or college students studying and reading together in library

The crucial elements of a successful student engagement analytics  strategy

Professor Neil Morris, Digital Education Consultant, discusses what you need for a successful student engagement analytics strategy.
Hacker using computer virus for cyber attack

Ransomware attacks remain the most acute threat to organisations

Ransomware attacks continue to be the most dominant threat to UK organisations and are having catastrophic consequences on critical national infrastructure.

Do you have the agility and data visibility you need to properly plan for...

After a decade of financial instability, the COVID-19 pandemic, and a period of rising demand for services, robust financial planning and data visibility is more important to the public sector than ever.
change management, public sector

Finding success in back-office transformation

Change is inevitable - but the nature of change itself is evolving as organisations work to manage the impact of multiple accelerating and unforeseen events.
Concept of modern digital city and digital innovation - city skyline

Digital innovation during a cost-of-living crisis

If public sector teams are going to push forward with digital innovation through the cost-of-living crisis, they need to focus on quick wins to boost efficiency.
Doctor on a healthcare app

Mobile rocket healthcare app: Supporting and aiding a healthier population

Mobile Rocket Healthcare assists in the NHS digital transformation strategy in the creation of an interactive digital app to promote a healthier population.
VARscreens Supporting nurses in daily practice to avoid employee burnout

VAR Healthcare: Supporting nurses in daily practice to avoid employee burnout

VAR Healthcare is a digital tool for decision support widely used in the Norwegian and Danish health sectors to help avoid employee burnout and its outlook is promising.
Industry, 4.0 concept, Icon flow automation and data exchange in manufacturing technology, Manager industrial engineer using tablet check and control automation robot arms machine in intelligent factory industrial on system software interface. Welding roboticts operation on background

How government departments can cut costs through hyperautomation

David Shannon, SAS UK & Ireland, discusses how departments can achieve cost savings whilst improving the efficiency of public service via hyperautomation.
digital groundwork, abstract image of digital tech

How local government can lay the digital groundwork for growth

Laying the digital groundwork by connecting communities is a key responsibility of local authorities, and the right foundations can attract investment and drive inclusive growth.
Optima Systems

Optima Systems Ltd – Making IT Work

Put simply, Optima makes your existing systems work smarter, faster, and harder to keep your business running at peak performance.
Student and business collaborators working together

Shatter the glass ceiling on your company’s ability to innovate through effective business-university collaborations

Dayna Arnold, Project Manager at Zest Consult, a leading digital technology consultancy, discusses the benefits of business-university collaborations to overcome barriers and boost their innovation capabilities.
Dinosaur and Astronaut image - concept of evolution in telecoms

The evolution of your telecoms in the key to a successful future

Understanding where you are and knowing where you need to be are crucial in the evolution of your telecoms.
digital transformation image

Can Digital Transformation in healthcare really transform?

Digital transformation offers many organisations the opportunity to reduce costs, offer superior service and certainly, in Healthcare, improve outcomes. Paul Grosvenor, MD at Optima Systems, an information technology company based in West Sussex, recounts his experiences to date.
geospatial location technology used by governments

Geospatial technology: A powerful enabler of digital transformation

Highlighting the achievements of eight public sector organisations, Esri UK’s Paul Clarke explains how geospatial technology is enabling digital transformation in government.

Do not press pause on innovation strategies

Leaders from organisations across the private and public sectors are taking charge of implementing innovative strategies to deliver value and provide meaningful products and services to their customers.
public sector technology

Attracting talent to public sector technology roles

Andrew Medhurst, Head of Consulting at Inspire People discusses the challenging of perceptions and hiring of outstanding Digital, Data and Technology talent for the public sector.

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