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Digital transformation: Lessons from the private sector for the public sector

Antonio Weiss, Senior Partner at The PSC, discusses lessons and limitations from the private sector for the public sector when it comes to digital transformation.
NHS covid backlog, my planned care

Patients can now check status of NHS COVID backlog

The platform, My Planned Care, will let patients check local hospital waiting times for specialist treatment - in order to fight the NHS COVID backlog.
procurement processes

Five things keeping procurement directors up at night

Dave Emsley, head of public sector tail spend services at OT Group, takes a look at how business leaders can develop strategic plans in five key areas to improve procurement processes
local government evergreen, processes and systems

Local government: The importance of remaining evergreen in processes and systems

Mat Clothier, CEO and Founder of Cloudhouse, discusses the importance of remaining evergreen in processes and systems.
public sector transformation, public sector services

Public sector needs to be a transformer, not a passive spectator

Mark Gibbison, Head of Strategic Motions for New Business at Unit4, examines the potential for transformation in the public sector.
Digital software

Agile, low code software – leading public sector digital transformation

Pete Wilson, Industry CTO, Public Sector – EMEA, Pegasystems, reveals how agile, low code software is leading digital transformation
ai situation awareness, situation awareness technology

Digital transformation for situation awareness

Geoff Hoyle, Director at Zest Consult, explains what we need to know about a programme management approach concerning a digital transformation project for situation awareness.
digital platform, digital

Solution to make “non-standard employment” sustainable

Giuseppe Guerini discusses platform cooperatives for the digital age: a solution to making "non-standard employment" sustainable, and to sharing their value chains.
healthcare transformation, public sector talent gap

How technology partners can help tackle the public sector talent gap

Simon Collinson, Head of UK Public Sector at Salesforce, explains how technology partners can help tackle the public sector talent gap, including a look at healthcare transformation.
cyber procurement

Building resilience & strengthening your cyber procurement

Elizabeth Giugno, Cyber Security at CCS, details the importance of the public sector building resilience & strengthening cyber procurement
The roadmap towards protecting high value student data

The roadmap towards protecting high value student data

Here, the Expede Group look at one of the pressing issues of contemporary education - protecting high value student data in an increasingly digital world.
NHS patient care, digital transformation nhs

The power of data management for better NHS patient care

Barry Cashman at Veritas Technologies, looks at how digital transformation can shape better patient care in the NHS.
digital local government, local councils

Digital local government: This time it is personal

John McMahon, Product Director at IEG4, discusses the evolution of personalisation across the web - highlighting the benefits for local authorities who wholeheartedly embrace it within their digital services.

Engeneum Limited – Digital Transformation isn’t new!

Over 30 years providing innovation in digital transformation, it’s had many names but always the same goal to improve and streamline business operations.
reusable packaging, encourage businesses

Why do businesses still not use reusable packaging?

Researchers suggest a digital track and trace system to encourage businesses to adopt reusable packaging and reduce waste, suggesting reasons why they may not have adopted them already.
Zest Consult

Zest Consult – Digital Transformation that unlocks your organisation’s potential

Working collaboratively with our clients on digital consultancy, engineering, and delivery through their digital transformation journey.
digital ecosystem transformation

Achieving transformation by focusing on the digital ecosystem

Mike Ellis, Managing Director of Finworks, discusses the value of workflow and data management within digital ecosystems when transforming services.
Legacy software

Moving to Cloud solutions without changing the whole World

Chris, CEO of Engeneum Limited, describes big benefits and savings that can be achieved by adding Cloud functionality to legacy systems!

Gain confidence that your digital transformation will succeed

Tony Eccleston & Will Bentley of Marlborough Consulting share insights based on successful digital transformation experience across sectors Investment in digital transformation has accelerated across sectors through the pandemic, with heightened customer expectations. The importance and urgency of digitally enabled change are at the forefront of organisations’ priorities to meet...
inclusive services

Inclusive services that put a stop to digital inequality

Natalie Harney, Senior Consultant at Engine Transformation, tells us about the inclusive design principles they provided to the Immigration and Asylum appeals service for HMCTS, to tackle digital inequality.

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