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volcanic eruption, tonga, electric currents in space

The Tonga volcanic eruption caused electric currents in space

Electric currents in space were seen after the deadly volcanic eruption in Tonga, following the atmospheric shock waves and sonic booms witnessed on Earth.

Study explores cheaper way to produce compounds for pharmaceuticals

Researchers have developed a new tool that can make it easier and cheaper to fabricate the compounds needed for pharmaceuticals.
hydrogen revolution

Artificial intelligence to predict the future in the energy sector

It is increasingly important to be able to predict the conditions affecting the generation, distribution and consumption of energy. VTT EnergyTeller is lending a hand
heat waves lowest-income

Lowest-income populations face 40% more exposure to heat waves

Rising global temperatures are creating imminent heat waves, which are set to impact poorer populations more substantially than wealthier ones.
Recursive Urbanism, people and places

What is Recursive Urbanism? 

Here, Paul Guzzardo explores the discipline of Recursive Urbanism, and how media shapes relationships between people and places.
combined heat and power, buildings

TED Gen: The Combined heat and power revolution

Here, TED Generation (TED Gen) explains how to improve the economic and environmental future of your business – using Combined heat and power (CHP) to decrease energy costs and rewrite carbon footprints.
quasicrystal research

Quasicrystals research

Here, Professor of Physics Zbigniew M. Stadnik at the University of Ottawa, explores research into the unusual physical properties and potential applications of Quasicrystals.
Ofgem Strategic Innovation Fund

£450m Strategic Innovation Fund to deliver greener energy networks

A new £450 million Ofgem Strategic Innovation Fund will deliver greener ways to heat up and power homes and businesses.
renewable energy future

Asia’s renewable energy future

Minghui Zhang, Head of Section and Benoit Nguyen, Head of Department at DNV, describe Asia’s renewable energy future.
renewable energy technology, electricity

Building the new wave of renewable energy technology

Rémi Gruet, CEO at Ocean Energy Europe, shares his thoughts on building the new wave of renewable energy technology.
THz photonics, data

Going beyond 6G: The role of THz photonics communication

Cyril Renaud, Professor of Photonics, University College London, explores the potential of using THz as a means of communication.
the energy sector

Europe’s clear direction towards clean energy transition

Megan Warrender, Assistant Editor at Open Access Government, explores how Kadri Simson, European Commissioner for Energy is firmly set on achieving Europe’s ambitious targets for transforming the energy sector.
green renewable energy

Why is data so critical to decarbonisation?

Matthew Roderick, CEO of n3rgy, explains why smart meters and the data within them are key to controlling and storing green renewable energy.
saving energy

Innovative ideas for saving energy

The internet is awash with articles about saving energy, but here, Julian Grant, General Manager of Chauvin Arnoux UK, puts forward some ideas that are rather less well known, but which can nevertheless deliver the biggest savings.
aviation projects

Green aviation projects to receive £84 million funding boost

Three projects have been awarded £84 million from the Aerospace Technology Institute (ATI) programme to power zero-emissions flights .
uk nuclear power, carbon emissions

What is the future of UK nuclear power?

Nuclear power is an integral part of the UK’s plans to transition to net zero carbon emissions by 2050.
zero carbon, transition

Zero Carbon: It’s easier than you think

Martin Kenzie, Sales Manager at 2G Energy, debunks the myth that an organisations transition to zero-carbon is complicated, disruptive and expensive.
combined heat and power

Energy game-changer: Considering combined heat and power (CHP)

Tim Broadhurst, CCO at CooperÖstlund Ltd, explores the financial and environmental benefits of considering CHP as part of a blended energy programme.
low carbon heat

Transitioning to Net Zero: The role of low carbon heat

Steven Cowan, Technical Director, PADD Energy, underlines low carbon heat generation as we transition away from natural gas as a fuel source, including comment on Combined Heat & Power.
mega amp spherical tokamak

Mega Amp Spherical Tokamak (MAST) Upgrade achieves ‘first plasma’

The Mega Amp Spherical Tokamak (MAST) Upgrade has reached a major milestone in fusion energy and achieved 'first plasma'.

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